Hurricane Sandy Watch: What to Expect as You Brace for the Storm (VIDEO)

hurricane sandyIf you're reading this, congratulations, you still have power. You might want to savor this story, though, because in a few hours -- if you're on the Eastern Seaboard -- you probably won't. Hurricane Sandy is making her way through the Atlantic, readying herself to wreck havoc on the east coast. No doubt, there's been an insane amount of coverage -- and hype -- on this "Frankenstorm/S'noreastercane", but unfortunately, things are looking bad. Here's what you can expect to happen when Hurricane Sandy rears her ugly head.


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Flooding. The heaviest rainfall is predicted to be between 8-12 inches in New Jersey and in the Delmarva Peninsula. Other cities that should brace themselves for potential flooding: Dover, Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia.

Power outages. Winds up to 70 mph are predicted in some areas. The coasts of Delaware, New Jersey, and New York state will be the most affected by hurricane-force winds, while the coast from North Carolina to Maine will be pummeled by storm-force winds. Downed power lines are likely, as well as loss of power -- for a while.

Snow. Ugh, already? Yes! In some areas. Several feet of snow is expected in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, and some areas of Pennsylvania and Virginia may see some, as well.

Storm surges. If you're along the coasts of New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut, brace yourself. This is where the worst storm surges are expected. The National Hurricane Center is expecting storm surges of 6-11 feet in the New York City area.

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Canceled flights. If you were supposed to fly today, tomorrow, or yesterday, hopefully you're stuck somewhere fun, because most major airlines have canceled flights, making travel during the next few days a hot mess.

Check out a time lapse video of Sandy from NASA. How are you preparing for the storm?

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