Hurricane Sandy in Pictures Make the Storm's Threat Hit Home (PHOTOS)

Hurricane Sandy

Let's make this simple. If you live on the East Coast in any of the areas seen in and around this white cone-shaped impression, you've got some weather a comin', as my friends in New England like to say. If you live anywhere in the cone, that terrifying cone of doom and destruction that is in Hurricane Sandy's cross-hairs, well ... I don't think you need me to tell you what that means. In times like this, when forecasts are changing by the minute, pictures often speak louder than words.

Here are some of the best pictures of Hurricane Sandy's terrifying approach up the coast ...


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(The graphic above from the National Hurricane Center.)

On it's slow trek up from the Caribbean, Sandy has already killed dozens of people in it's path of destruction. It literally ripped the roof off this military structure in Guantanamo Bay.


A gorgeous shot of sunrise off the coast of Florida, where Sandy passed by and continued to build strength.


The New Jersey National Guard readies its troops in the state that is expected to get hit the hardest by the storm. The governor has already declared a state of emergency and is shutting the place down.


The grocery stores in and around the New York City area are mobbed this morning. Staples like bottled water, batteries, flashlights and milk are flying off the shelves. School closings are being issued rapid-fire.

What are you doing to prepare for the storm?


Images via Flickr: DVIBSHUB; daspader; The National Guard ; squirrel 83.

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