Get Ready! Hurricane Sandy Poised to Pound East Coast With Punishing Rain & Wind

Hurricane SandyIf you live anywhere in the right third of the country and are wondering today if you should take this whole Hurricane Sandy thing seriously ... yeah you should. Really seriously. At this point, it's not a matter of if the storm is going to punch you, but when and how hard. It's going to happen, there seems to be no disagreement among weather experts about that: heavy wind, rain, and even wet snow in some parts of the East Coast are coming en force. So pick up those extra gallons of milk, stock your batteries and bottled water, get those storm windows down. Because Frankenstorm is definitely coming, and depending on where you live it's going to be big.


The big question as this point in the storm's slow trek up the East Coast has been when exactly will it hit landfall and where. The weather experts have been going back and forth over that point a lot. Most of the ensemble forecasts seem to agree that New Jersey is the spot, one opinion putting Sandy's entrance near Cape May early Monday morning.

Take note New Jersey: You are going to get whacked hard.

After that, the storm promises to ease it's way up the coast in slightly weaker form, hitting all the major metro areas, including New York and likely Boston before moving out to sea.

But that doesn't mean that areas to the north and west won't also feel this mammoth storm's wrath in the form of punishing precipitation and power outages. One forecast has predicted large amounts of heavy, wet snow being dumped in Western Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia -- 57 inches of snow in some spots if you can even believe that!

Dave Epstien of WGBH Boston says the biggest rain events will be south of New England, with states like Massachusetts and Connecticut experiencing more wind problems.

The best tip? Just plan on hunkering down at home for the next few days, and stay up to date on everything going on by following your favorite local weatherman on Twitter. Those guys live and breath for times like these, you can't get them off Twitter during hurricanes. They will tell you everything you need to know, by the minute.

Is your town in Hurricane Sandy's path? What's the forecast for your area?

Image via NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

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