Student Sells Virginity for $780,000 & Some Dumb Guy Pays Up

From the Men Have Some Really Strange Ideas About Sex files comes (no pun intended) this story about a Japanese man who paid $780,000 for the honor of deflowering a Brazilian virgin. The guy apparently even fended off 15 other bidders when he came out on top (this time pun intended) to win the right to be the first man to plunder 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini's pure-as-the-driven-snow vayjayjay. That's a lot of money for what's surely going to be a ho-hum sexual encounter.


Catarina is a student in Brazil who says she will use most of the money to pay for housing for the poor in her country (imagine being able to bring friends home and say, "This is the house that sex built!"). She also had some stipulations regarding their sexual encounter: The man has to have an SDT test first; a condom is mandatory; and if the dude is lookin' for Fifty Shades style lovin', he's outta luck. Sex toys are not allowed.

This basically leaves some "vanilla" sex with a virgin, which sounds about as much fun as cleaning out your refrigerator. First off, virgins aren't exactly known for their prowess in the sack. And we all know it isn't going to be fun for her in the slightest, which you'd think would make things a bit awks for him. (Though this being a guy who pays almost a million bucks for sex with a stranger, my guess is he's not too worried about her feelings.)

Luckily, we'll all eventually find out exactly how their encounter went since it's also being filmed for a documentary. (Well, before and after. The twosome will have some privacy while they're, um, getting acquainted.)

Unless you're madly in love with someone, the whole losing-of-the-virginity thing is, let's face it, more awful than awesome. I can't imagine why anyone would pay for what is traditionally a rather awkward and unpleasant encounter for both parties. Maybe this guy thinks that dipping his wand into a virgin will give him eternal life or some old wives' tale like that?

Plus, there's not really even "bragging" rights that you bagged a virgin, given that you paid an astronomical sum for it. I don't know. This whole thing baffles me, but then again I've never had a jones for a virgin. As for women, a guy once did auction off his virginity too. But he only got $3000.

Would you want to have sex with a virgin -- and pay for it??


Image via NoMore/Flickr

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