Bobby Petrino & Jessica Dorrell Halloween Costumes Are Hilariously Tasteless (PHOTO)

Bobby PetrinoLooking for a last-minute couples Halloween costume? Going to a party where you know the people attending will have a sense of humor and don't mind a little bit of crass classlessness? Want to really scare 'em, too? Have we got the solution for you! Remember back in the spring when Bobby Petrino, the ex-head football coach at the University of Arkansas, had a fling with a hot 25-year-old named Jessica Dorrell -- then got fired for it?

And remember how everyone got wind of this whole affair because the idiot got into a motorcycle accident with Jessica and the Internet proceeded to go nuts? This whole story has a point, I promise. Well, check out this costume idea that an extremely creative couple thought of to get folks at said Halloween party talking (and screaming):


Bobby Petrino costume

So what if it's in poor taste? It's hilarious. I think enough time has gone by that people would be able to laugh at this one. This photo, tweeted by an Arkansas couple, deserves some major props. And if you want to compare and check out what the real Jessica and Bobby look like, well, here you go.

I'd say they're pretty spot on, wouldn't you? Women would only need a blonde wig, and the men would need a neck brace, Arkansas gear (okay, that may be hard to find at the last-minute), and some red paint -- and done! I know I'd be frightened if I saw these two approach me at a party. Kudos to your originality, Joey and Bridgette!

If you want more inspiration, come back in time with me and check out the real Petrino during his press conference after his accident, sporting a neck brace and all:

What do you think of this costume? Too soon or awesome?


Images via John Serino/YouTube & Twitter

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