Hero War Veteran Dies Saving His Wife’s Life in Final Act of Love (VIDEO)

man killed saves wifeMr. and Mrs. Baum were just trying to hail a cab uptown when tragedy struck. Rubin Baum, 80, and wife Denise, 60, were standing on the corner of 59th Street in New York City when a car came careening toward them. Rubin, who has two purple hearts from serving in the Korean War, shoved his wife out of the way to safety, but wasn't able to save himself. He was killed at the scene -- his wife walked away unscathed.


People are calling Rubin a hero, which seems fitting not only for his service to his country, but for his service to his wife, and to their love.

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All couples have ups and downs over the years -- there are blow-up fights, there are nights on the couch, there may even be the threat of divorce -- but when all's said and done, what everyone hopes remains is a deeply ingrained love that will make you sacrifice your life, without hesitation, for your spouse. When push comes to shove, we hope we're with someone who will push and shove us out the way of an oncoming car, and we hope we're with someone who would inspire us to do the same.

Rubin didn't have time to think, he just had time to react and his wife says that within a second, he had saved her life. When she got up from the ground and saw Rubin trapped under the car, she started screaming, "My husband! My husband!" then called for her son.

I hope Denise can take solace in the fact that her husband died so she can live -- that he sacrificed his life in the name of their love. So, so bittersweet.

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