Devastated Parents Have to Bury Their Baby Twice

buried wrong babyThe idea of having a funeral for a stillborn baby even one time is beyond comprehension for most of us. Now, a family in Texas has to bury their baby son twice after a heartbreaking funeral home mix-up. Apparently, they buried the wrong baby.

The second funeral will come just days after the first one for Armani Angel Mares. Soon after the parents went through the painful process of arranging a funeral and burial for their son, they learned he was actually still in the morgue.

Mistakes happen, sure. But not like this. This is horrifically wrong on so many levels.


Losing a child is a nightmare for all parents. It's what keeps us up at night and makes us follow our kids around the park like loyal dogs. We adore them. We want to protect them. Burying one of them is out of the question. So having to do it twice? My God.

When something like this happens, the first thing some people think about is a lawsuit. And maybe it will come to that. But I have to imagine for these parents, the only real concern is grief. The baby they cried for and prayed for and carried in a coffin wasn't their baby at all.

The story doesn't mention the other family, either. Just whose baby DID they put in the ground? That other family may be in an even worse position. No one from their family was there to say goodbye.

Anything that makes losing a baby any worse than it already is is unacceptable. The funeral home says "mistakes happen," but should they? This is just one of those cases where a "mistake" isn't OK. 

This family will grieve their loss forever. My heart breaks for them.

What would you do in this family's shoes?


Image via docguy/Flickr

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