Baby Born in Tornado Aftermath Gets New Home (VIDEO)

tornado single momBeing a single mom is tough. Being a single mom to a 10-year-old with another baby on the way is even more challenging. Now add a devastating tornado that destroys your home just days before you give birth, forcing you into a rundown rental property because that's all you can afford. Needless to say, Amanda Headrick was not excited to bring her baby boy home to that kind of mess.

And this is where some miracle workers step in and restore our faith in humanity. Because what was the darkest day for Amanda and her two children turned into a blessing for the family.




Not having a safe place to bring a baby has got to be the scariest thing in the world for a new mom. Heck, I was anxious about bringing a baby home to a small Brooklyn apartment. Safe shelter is a basic human need, and I can't help but wonder about all of those other new moms -- single or not -- who are faced with this dilemma every day.

This lady not only had a trashed place to stay, it seems she had very limited resources to be able to take care of her two children. That tornado didn't help. But now with a newly refurbished home and an organization helping her out with the rent, surely she can get back up on her feet again and be able to provide for those children.

It's amazing this organization was able to help Headrick so much, and that her aunt was able to reach out in the first place. It should serve as a reminder to people in need everywhere to look around your community. A church, a non-profit aid organization, or maybe even a corporation could provide for some basic needs of new families. It always pays to ask. 

We all need help sometimes, and no one is more vulnerable than a new mother. You can also donate to Operation Blessing and help families in need.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar position as a new mom?

Image via Paz Leonel/Flickr

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