• Self-proclaimed bargainista and sale rack extraordinaire. Runner of everything from 5ks to marathons. I love the freedom of not having a plan, but generally feel lost without one. Losing 70 pounds is my greatest life accomplishment, so far.

    Sipping on: malbec, please.
    Emily Abbate

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  • I'm the copy chief & an occasional writer for The Stir. I really like grammar and words and very nerdy books, which is weird to most people. I live in uptown New York City, but you can always find me at a Pittsburgh Steelers bar during football season on Sunday. I like the Steelers so much that I even blog about them.

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    Jill Baughman

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  • I'm Becky Sherrick Harks, better known as Aunt Becky, and you'll normally find me blathering on my own blog, Mommy Wants Vodka. But I'm here at The Stir to secure Total World Domination, er, discuss how I'm (barely) surviving parenthood.

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    Aunt Becky

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  • I'm a writer, producer, and TV host, mom to 6-year-old twin girls, and a firm believer that you can shop at Forever 21 no matter how old you are. I write about parenting, style, and the Kardashians -- or as my daughter calls them, "the Princess Jasmines"! But my best material comes from the adorable, wise, and hilariously inappropriate things my daughters say. It’s my right until they’re 18 ... or at least until they learn how to google me.

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    Sarah Bernard

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  • I live in Brooklyn, NY, and write about technology, security, gadgets, gear, wristwatches, and the Internet. After spending four years as an IT programmer, I switched gears and became a full-time journalist. My work has appeared in the New York Times, Laptop, PC Upgrade, Surge, Gizmodo, Men's Health, InSync, Linux Journal, Popular Science, Sync, and I've written a book called Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age. You cand find more about me at

    Headshot by

    John Biggs

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  • Before her blogging career, Gabrielle was designer and art director in New York. Now she gets her creative fix seeking out, writing about, or giving away all things well designed. If she's not online, you can find her dreaming of sugary treats and doing cool things with her family.

    After 8 years in New York and a stopover in Colorado, she currently lives in the French countryside where she and Ben Blair are raising Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty & Flora June. And eating lots of cheese.

    Sipping on: Chocolate Milk
    Gabrielle Blair

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  • I'm a former Forbes journalist and blogger who has also waxed lyrical for other places, including Marie Claire, The Frisky, The New York Post, and Women on the Fence. For my book, Can't Think Straight, I was on The Today Show, The Joy Behar Show, The Gayle King Show, and others. (But not Hoarders. One can dream.) I like to tell it like it is, almost as much as I like cats. I know a lot about celebrities and nothing about my neighbors. Visit me at my website or blog.

    Sipping on: Water if at my home, Pinot Grigio if at yours.
    Kiri Blakeley

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  • I met my husband at 18, got married at 23, and then worked (and played) hard for seven years before becoming a mom. It took us five months to like each other again after our daughter was born. I wish I'd known to expect that! At my day job I've labored in television news, print, and on the web, where I've helped launch many a blog, but I am most proud of this one — right here.

    As for my kids, they crack me up. One of them recently picked up a phone, looked me sternly in the eyes, and said, "Shhh mommy, I am on a very important work call!" At least I know they're listening to me.

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    Amy Boshnack

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  • I'm Kat, also known as Mama Kat to anyone who's been blogging with me back before it was cool to use your real whole name online. I'm a wife and mother to three, I've operated a home daycare for ten years now and I found an outlet for my crazy days with the kids when I started my blog, Mama's Losin' It. I spend my weekends embarrassing myself on YouTube, watching reality TV and chasing children down our hallway. In a happy way. Usually.

    Sipping on: Whine
    Kat Bouska

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  • I am a writer and occasional editor. My work has appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, First for WomenWoman's World, AOL, YourTango, and various other publications. Interests include holistic health/fitness, reading, pop culture, jewelry, astrology, summer, baking, and cooking with lots of veggies and spices! I've lived in Chicago, Boston, London, L.A. and Manhattan and now reside in north NJ with my Jersey boy husband. In our free time, we frequent BYOB spots, buy overpriced produce (but it's so pretty!) at Whole Foods, and do bizarrely huge loads of laundry.

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    Maressa Brown

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  • I am a mother, runner, wife, editor, and writer. My work has appeared in The New York Times, Parents, Parenting, Runner's World, and many other publications over the years. I also make a mean margarita and run races (everything from 5Ks to marathons).

    I live outside of New York City with my husband, two kids (Sam, 6, and Alan, 4), a corpulent cat, and a chihuahua with emotional issues.

    Sipping on: margarita, rocks, salt
    Sasha Brown-Worsham

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  • I write oodles of pieces for Babble, and Fandango. When I'm not in front on my laptop, I'm playing dress up or debating the importance of My Little Pony with my 8-year-old daughter. I'm obsessed with Disneyland, coffee, cheesy detective shows, dinner, and the occasional good night's sleep. And I make an amazing cheesecake, yes, I'm pretty cool.

    Sipping on: Coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
    Sunny Chanel

    Sunny Chanel

  • Hi. I'm Kristen. Not Krissy. Or Kris. There's a difference. After having kids, I left life as a college music professor and became a writer, sex book author, and the current host of Cafemom Studios' show "Coffee Shop Confessions." 

    When I'm not chasing after my four children or trying to keep track of my commercial pilot and Air Force Reserves officer husband, I can be found at my personal blog Motherhood Uncensored, as well as at Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech where I'm co-publisher and CEO.  

    Sipping on: Anything with tequila. Or just tequila.
    Kristen Chase

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  • I'm Deborah, most people know me online as @TruthfulMommy. I'm the creator of the brutally honest parenting site The TRUTH about Motherhood. I am a writer, a wife, and a work-at-home Ninja Mommy who's trying to do it all well; sometimes falling short. I live in the Midwest with my 2 little girls and my husband. I have a lot of degrees from a bunch of schools but mostly spend my days shuttling people under the age of 7 while trying to maintain my sanity. I talk a lot. I may not always say what you want to hear but it will always be my honest viewpoint. I know it's not the only one.

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    Deborah Cruz

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  • A California girl transplanted to the wilds of suburban New Jersey, I’m a shoe-loving, book-obsessed writer and mama. I can also be found at and my own blog, “My First Word Was Shoe.” My work has appeared on sites like and The Huffington Post; other interests include running (badly), cooking (not so badly), and over-packing. Sometimes I get to do fun things like cover Fashion Week or “road test” beauty products, but most of the time I’m chained to my laptop or schlepping to pick-up in my PJs -- it’s good to have balance!

    Sipping on: Full fat lattes (a.m.) and Chardonnay (p.m.)
    April Daniels Hussar

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  • I write about parenting, home, food, clutter, thermostat wars, princesses -- so, basically, my life with a husband, 9 year old son, and 7 year old daughter. Previously I wrote about health and family at, and before that, I was a newspaper reporter, and before that ... I can't remember anymore.

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    Cynthia Dermody

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  • I've been senior lifestyle editor at The Stir for more than two years after a short career freelance writing. I did stints at People, PopEater, AOL Health, The Huffington Post, and MyDaily. Before that, I was at (don't gasp), where I covered fun stuff like the Oscars and style trends, plus heavier fare like Katrina and Casey Anthony. Not long ago, I was in the odd position of getting married at City Hall, planning what my mom called a "proper wedding," and having a baby all in the same year. I have a thing for watermelon, mystery novels, France, and trips to the Met.

    Sipping on: Coffee with half-and-half
    Catherine Donaldson-Evans

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  • Jenny Erikson is a conservative chick with a strong opinion and a smart mouth. Sometimes sassy, sometimes sincere, always honest. She believes that ingenuity, elbow grease, and sheer determination can accomplish anything -- even motherhood.

    Jenny also blogs at, and she lives in Southern California with her two daughters.

    Sipping on: Coke Zero or vino
    Jenny Erikson

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  • I'm the mama of a sweet toddler girl; a lover of fine goods; and a big fan of summertime. My musings have appeared on many websites, including Huffington Post; The FashionSpot; and McSweeney's; and in another life, I lived in Los Angeles and worked on sitcoms. I'm constantly rearranging furniture; prefer my laundry to dry on a clothesline; and will never let go of the dream that one day my husband and I will own a quaint hotel somewhere on the coast of Italy. Kids stay free. Breakfast buffet included.

    Sipping on: Gin and juice
    Nicole Fabian-Weber

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  • I'm the Editorial Marketing Manager here at The Stir. I love reality TV, long walks on the beach, and Bradley Cooper. And I dream of the day when sweatpants and slippers become socially acceptable work attire.

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    Stefanie Favicchio

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  • Once upon a time, I was a television anchor with a closet stuffed full of designer gear. But when I became a mom, my new uniform consisted of cheap blue jeans and disposable t-shirts.

    A few years spent in the mother 'hood and I was ready to claw my way out or die trying-- That's how "She's Still Got It" was born. I believe moms can be pretty, stylish, and on trend. Even on a a ridiculously meager budget. Even in the car rider pick up line.

    You've still got it, Mama. And I'd love to help you figure out exactly how to show it off.

    Have style questions? E-mail me at!

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    Lindsay Ferrier

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  • I've been a humor blogger since 2009 -- something I kind of "fell into." My words have been quoted in The New York Times,, and a few TV programs have even dared to put me on camera. Before becoming a full-time writer for The Stir, I dished out celeb gossip for Babble and wrote for CBS CT. I currently reside in the boonies, but long for the city, the coast, or a combination of both. And I'm afraid of butterflies. (Everyone has their thing.)

    Sipping on: Wine (after 5pm of course)
    Mary Fischer

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  • I'm a former newspaper journalist and blogger who used to travel extensively, but hasn't watched a decent in-flight safety demonstration since Obama took office. I've been interviewed on NPR and have harassed countless politicians, fashion designers, and ordinary folk who probably despise reporters now. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and toddler girl, where I've picked up and put down Infinite Jest at least 200,000 times. 

    Sipping on: Lately, wheat beer. And malt beer. And beer with chocolate.
    Lisa Fogarty

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  • I'm one part word nerd writer, one part shoe hoochie fashionista, and all parts mother of Skylar, the flighty but fabulous 14 year old who is the object of my undying affection (when she's not immersed in teen funkiness). Aside from storytelling for The Stir, I pen pieces for Essence, Ebony, Vibe, Clutch and just about anyone else who'll have me. On any given day, I find solace in Five Guys fries, Hello Kitty paraphernalia and crime TV. Love me anyway, please.

    Sipping on: Sprite on the rocks. Oh, you thought this snarkiness was alcohol-induced?
    Janelle Harris

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  • I’m a humor columnist, on-air lifestyle expert, Host of The Jenny Isenman Show on Cafe Mom, and a proud mama of two. I’m also a cellulite/wrinkle obsessed, pop-culture junkie and card carrying Gen Xer (oh, they have cards). I’m known as Jenny from the Blog at my site The Suburban Jungle. I guarantee that reading it will make you tanner, smarter, and reduces cellulite. Well, at the very least, it’ll make you more literate. 

    Sipping on: Venti Non-Fat Latte ... oh, and an Iced Green Tea (to negate the bad effects of the coffee)
    Jenny Isenman

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  • I am a New York native best known as the whiny and short husband from A&E's The Marriage Test reality special. Before that, I wrote the most popular humor column in the history of Las Vegas, as well as contributed regularly to Rolling Stone, Playboy and the New York Post. Now, I'm an unemployed spousal freeloader and expert in whether diapers contain poo-poo or just pee-pee. But I love my wife and daughter more than anyone in the world. Except myself. Which is why I'm in therapy. I hope you derive great joy from my struggle to be less of a self-obsessed a-hole. Someone should.

    Sipping on: Anything free
    Corey Levitan

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  • First, I was an actor for 10 years. Along the way I picked up a great husband & had two boys (7 and 9) whom I adore ... Quit acting for Victoria's Secret corporate, then randomly entered reality television.  Real Housewives of New York CityBethenny Ever AfterVH1's Couples Therapy ... all that stuff. Wrote a book, Little Kids, Big City and now I am a TV host, writer and make kitchen gadgets, while chasing my family around Brooklyn! I joined the Café Mom world via Coffee Shop Confessions and love it!

    Sipping on: Champagne
    Alex McCord

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  • I'm a former television reporter who has interviewed everyone from Hillary Clinton to Van Halen. Sometimes you can catch me on Flix screaming obscenities in the cinematic triumph Southie at 2:00 a.m. I transitioned to Mommy Dish blogger when my husband, bonus teenage daughter, and adorable toddler son swallowed me whole. I escape their grips with bold coffee, inappropriate humor, overspending, guacamole, group texts with my college BFFs, and the '80s on 8. I Google too much and run too little. But I'm always up for an impromptu dance party in my living room.

    Sipping on: Blood Orange Cosmopolitan. I like to pretend I still live in New York City.
    Jodi Meltzer

    Jodi Meltzer

  • In a former life, Suzanne Murray was a lawyer, a journalist, and a green lifestyle guru. She's launched several web sites, and has worked at the Washington Post Company, the Boston Review, and myriad women's magazines. In her current life, she's the Parenting & Political Editor at The Stir/Moms Matter 2012. She's also raising 9 chickens and one adventurous 4-year-old.

    Sipping on: French press coffee
    Suzanne Murray

    Suzanne Murray rss

  • I'm a recent college graduate and former intern at,, and Ladies' Home Journal. Now I'm excited to be on the CafeMom team as The Prowl's Editorial Assistant! I live my life by Oprah quotes, love reality television a little too much, and always find time to paint my own nails -- then shamelessly Instagram my manicure.

    Sipping on: Diet Coke
    Leilah Peralta

    Leilah Peralta

  • I'm a mom to a rampaging toddler, a personal trainer, awesome wife, the author of the fitness blog Fine Fit Day, and an ex-pat Aussie living in Brooklyn. I love running, lifting weights, yoga, spin class, dancing with my son -- basically anything active. Keeping mamas (and mamas-to-be) fit and healthy is my favorite part of my job. And I practice what I preach - I'm currently training for my second marathon! Training will be easy with my personal training, working out, blogging, and being a mom ... right?? (gulp)

    Sipping on: My goal is to say water. Realistically, it's coffee.
    Carly Pizzani

    Carly Pizzani

  • Hi there. I'm Sheri -- one of the senior editors on The Stir, as well as a blogger and amateur photographer. I live in Northern California where I also work, watch birds, and raise two wild and wonderful boys with my husband.

    Sipping on: morning coffee or nooner tea
    Sheri Reed

    Sheri Reed rss

  • I have produced prose professionally for most of my adult life, adore alliteration, and prefer to write with an actual pen. Along the way, I have earned a black belt (and a few black eyes) in multi-tasking. In any spare time, I watch copious amounts of reality television and run recreationally to preserve my sanity and out of necessity to keep up with my 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter.

    Sipping on: Chardonnay and Diet Coke--always in tandem
    Julie Ryan Evans

    Julie Ryan Evans rss

  • I have strung words together for Kiwi Magazine,, AOL, Parents Magazine and more. I live in upstate New York with my daughter, husband, dogs, and too many cats. I rock a cool 'do because I shave my head most years to fight children's cancer with the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

    Though my daughter is officially an elementary schooler, I'm pleased to report I've yet to give in to the curse of the appliqued mom sweater. Small victories, people.

    Sipping on: Seltzer
    Jeanne Sager

    Jeanne Sager rss

  • A former staff writer at People and Us Weekly, I have covered everything from hero pets to hurricanes to the secrets of celebrity slim-downs (which is basically avoiding carbs and anything else that you might actually enjoy eating). My work has also appeared in Essence and Self Magazine. Now an editor at The Stir, I spend my downtime hanging out with my hubby, toddler, and Shih Tzu in New York City. My other favorite pastime -- reality TV. I swear I've learned everything I need to know to survive this life from Snooki, Kim K, and NeNe Leakes.

    Sipping on: A soy latte ... but on weekends, mama definitely needs a mimosa!
    Ericka Sóuter

    Ericka Sóuter rss

  • I live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband and our sons Riley (8) and Dylan (6). Prior to 2010 I spent many years as a software marketer, these days I work from home as a freelance writer. I enjoy high-quality ballpoint pens, exercise-induced endorphins, dark TV dramas, and things that smell like coconut.

    Sipping on: Sugar-Free Red Bull (mmm, chemical-y)
    Linda Sharps

    Linda Sharps rss

  • I’m a native Chicagoan who has recently made the move to New York City (cue the classic Chicago vs. NYC debate here.) You can catch some of my work on,, and When I'm not writing, you can generally find me glued to MTV and TLC, enjoying only the finest of reality programming. I’m obsessed with all awards shows, prefer winter over summer, and own more scarves than any one person truly should.

    Sipping on: margaritas, and hold the salt, please!
    Suzee Skwiot

    Suzee Skwiot

  • Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy, writes about motherhood -- the good, the bad and the scary. She's also the New York Times bestselling author Confessions of a Scary Mommy and the soon to be published Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies).

    Sipping on: Piña coladas. On the beach. ALONE.
    Jill Smokler

    Jill Smokler rss

  • I'm a writer all over the web! I've contributed news, rants, funny lists and entertaining academic fakery at XOJane, The Hairpin, The Barnes and Noble Book Blog, and The Toast, to name but a few. When not writing for the internet, I spend my time writing plays and taunting my cat with bits of pretzel that I will ultimately not let him have. 

    Sipping on: There's good, there's great, and then there's coffee.
    Rebecca Stokes

    Rebecca Stokes rss

  • I'm a single mom and a blogger which means trouble. Before joining The Stir I contributed to blogs like Civil Eats and One Little Bite. I know how to spatchcock a chicken, split an infinitive with insouciance, build a tomato cage out of chicken wire, and shoot a bow and arrow. I've lived in New York City for almost 20 years, which makes me official. I lean in because I'm hard of hearing.


    Sipping on: Dark & Stormy
    Adriana Velez

    Adriana Velez rss

  • I'm a high heel wearing writer, magician, sleuth, and twin mama with tattoos. My not-so-secret past includes doing time as the Editor of Playgirl magazine. I get personal on Mommy With Tattoos and mouthy at Daily Momtra. I'm obsessed with taking naps, 70s vintage, chocolate chip cookies, reality TV, and Mexican food (not too spicy, please).

    Sipping on: breastmilk
    Michele Zipp

    Michele Zipp rss

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