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Call me a professional hypocrite: I write about how to raise kids for magazines like Parents, American Baby, Parenting, and other publications, but rarely follow my own mothering advice. Yeah, my kids watch TV and play in a rock band instead of on a soccer team but you know what? They're cool. (Can you tell I was raised by hippies?) Follow me on Twitter!


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    Many of us who wasted far too many hours of our youth on self-destructive behaviors can recall one particular instance -- an Aha! moment, if you will -- that forced us to sit up and take stock of our potentially downward spiralling lives. For Snooki, this wake-up call came in the form of one scary night after the birth of her son Lorenzo when she went out clubbing. The new mom had to take a break from partying to pump, as the "entire front of her dress was soaked" (we've all been there, right ladies?). That's when she got an alarming surprised: “I could smell the sake bombs in the bottle,” she writes in her new book, “Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and All the Messy Milestones Along the Way.”

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    I don't know about you, but I love, love, love it when ordinarily glamourous celebs are caught in public -- on film! -- with no makeup. Why? Because it makes me feel better about myself on mornings when I wake up with pillow creases in my face and pouffy pink eyelids, okay?? Anyway. You know what's even better than celebs caught with no makeup by accident? Celebs who post pics of themselves Instagram with no makeup -- on purpose!

    Like Cameron Diaz, who showed her true celebrity skin in this awesome shot promoting The Body Book, which she wrote in the hopes of promoting body acceptance. 

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    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't give a flying fig if one of my kids turned out to be gay -- in fact, I can't for the life of me begin to understand why any parent would be bothered by the idea. But, as we are all unfortunately aware, lots of moms and dads are quite bothered by the concept, to the point where kids are completely traumatized by the mere thought of coming out to their parents. (And who can blame them, when some adults are horrible and narrow-minded enough to do things like have their kids kidnapped in the middle of the night and shipped off to "camps" where they can "learn" to be straight?!)

    Anyway, the good news is, not all parents are intolerant, so not all kids are terrified. But even non-terrified gay children get a little nervous about breaking the news to their families. Like Ryan, the teen in this video.

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    You know how sometimes you just can't help but waste an entire day wondering how, when and where, exactly, Tom Cruise's career went off the rails? (Not to mention why.) Which is not to say that it's gone entirely off the rails, of course, simply that at some point Tom Cruise was TOM CRUISE and now he's Tom Cruise.

    Anyway, you know how sometimes you wonder about that? You can stop pondering that eternal question now, because we have the answer: It happened, apparently, when Cruise fired his longtime publicist, legendary Hollywood hotshot Pat Kingsley

    Kingsley, who retired from show biz in 2009, is finally spilling the beans on what caused her split from Cruise in 2004. Can you guess what the main reason was behind their parting of ways? I'll give you a hint ... it starts with an "S" ...

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    I've realized something about Britney Spears: It's really not fair to ask her hard questions. And I'm not talking about, like, making her do calculus or remember important dates from World War I; I mean, it's not fair to ask her tricky questions. Such as: "What do you like about Latino men?" Which is exactly what the host of Univision's Despierta America asked Brit during a recent interview about -- well, about a whole sh*t ton of stuff, from her kids to her love life to her new Vegas gig. But nobody's gonna remember her answers about any of that stuff, cause all they're gonna remember is what she said about sexy, macho Latino men. Ay dios mio!!

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