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Call me a professional hypocrite: I write about how to raise kids for magazines like Parents, American Baby, Parenting, and other publications, but rarely follow my own mothering advice. Yeah, my kids watch TV and play in a rock band instead of on a soccer team but you know what? They're cool. (Can you tell I was raised by hippies?) Follow me on Twitter!


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    Um, is anybody else completely freaked out by the fact that today is Brad Pitt's 50th birthday?! First of all, dude is doing pretty dang well in the aging department! Second of all, wasn't it just yesterday Pitt burst on to the scene (in all his shirtless glory) in Thelma & Louise? Seriously, that was not ... 22 years ago?!

    Okay, before I start downward spiralling into a deep dark personal mortality-themed lamentation, let's get back to the part about Pitt aging oh-so-gracefully. In fact, let's just look at hot pictures of Brad through the years. Cause what better way to celebrate his birthday, right?

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    Hey, wanna hear a joke? Here goes: Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry walk into a bar in Antarctica. Alexander Skarsgard says, "Hey man, can we get a couple of beers?" Then the bartender says, "No way, you guys stink! You hear me, you smell like you've been trudging across the frozen tundra for two weeks straight without a shower! Get the hell outta here!" 

    HAHAHA! Funny, right? Cause who in their right mind would kick Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry out of a bar because they smelled bad?!

    Well, some bartender in Antarctica, apparently. That's right -- the joke I just told you wasn't a joke at all, unless you're talking about some sick cosmic prank targeting ridiculously hot famous guys.

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    I sure do hope Michael Lohan doesn't drink his coffee out of a #1 Dad mug in the morning, cause that dude? He's a bad, bad dad. This comes as no surprise to anyone, of course, but Lindsay Lohan's strange and estranged papa is back in the news again for stepping up to the plate and being a supportive father trying to mess up his daughter's chances of success any way he possibly can; specifically, by attempting to screw with LiLo's forthcoming "tell-all" book.

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    What do Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have in common, besides co-starring (although, did they even have any scenes together?) in Bridesmaids? Well, they're both funny, fabulous, and, yes, decidedly un-skinny. Which shouldn't even be a topic worthy of conversation at all, but because Wilson and McCarthy both make their living in Hollywood, it's THE topic of conversation when these two ladies are mentioned in the same sentence. And of course the next sentence is always something to do with how/when/why one or both of these actresses will/won't/should lose weight.

    The whole disgustingly judgemental and shallow thing makes me pretty dang pissed, personally -- which is why I was thrilled to hear about McCarthy and Wilson's rumored pact NOT to buckle under the pressures of a body dysmorphic society and to stay full-figured

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    Here's a "shock" for all you parents out there: Turns out ADHD is wildly, rampantly overdiagnosed. Over the past 20 years, thanks mostly to drug marketing campaigns, diagnoses have "soared" -- but why? According to Dr. Keith Connors, who spent 50 years fighting to legitimize the disorder, “The numbers make it look like an epidemic. Well, it’s not. It’s preposterous ... This is a concoction to justify the giving out of medication at unprecedented and unjustifiable levels.” 

    Sounds about right to me. Because the internet, in its infinite, Big Brother-esque wisdom, seems to know that I have two children, I see an alarming number of ads for ADHD medications on a daily basis. 

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