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I met my husband at 18, got married at 23, and then worked (and played) hard for seven years before becoming a mom. It took us five months to like each other again after our daughter was born. I wish I'd known to expect that! At my day job I've labored in television news, print, and on the web, where I've helped launch many a blog, but I am most proud of this one — right here.

As for my kids, they crack me up. One of them recently picked up a phone, looked me sternly in the eyes, and said, "Shhh mommy, I am on a very important work call!" At least I know they're listening to me.

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    Getting laser treatments on my lip was, quite possibly, the best beauty decision I've ever made.

    I am just not the kind of girl that likes to sit in a salon for hours a week. Who has time for that? I work. I have two kids. Manicures mostly get done at home out of sheer necessity. But the one thing I could not do myself was safely, painlessly, and efficiently remove the hair from my lip. Come on, people with dark hair -- I know you feel me on this one. I tried waxing but it burned my skin. I tried threading but it hurt like hell. I tried shaving and, well, that was a joy! But I risked in-grown hairs and there was just something about not wanting my daughter to see me shave that pushed me forward to finding a more permanent solution. Hallelujah for laser treatments.

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    Oh how we would love to hear that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. Aren't they ready already? We really want baby George to become a big brother.

    And for a fleeting moment we thought we were there. We were sure we were there.

    You see the Duke and Duchess are in New Zealand where they met with Cynthia Read. She is the woman that handmade a gorgeous merino wool shawl which was New Zealand's official gift when George was born. Read said that Kate really liked the shawl and told her that "George wore it a lot." But that's not all Read said. According to several reports she also said that Prince William told her "You might have to make another one soon."

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    Beyonce posted pictures of herself on Instagram and the world went nuts. Yelling that she photoshopped them because in one shot her thighs aren't touching. Stop the presses people! Take a deep breath and relax. Remember that Instagram allows for filters that mess slightly with what you are really looking at. And it is possible that she's lost weight and that's why her legs look so thin. Plus, if you are looking at it with an honest eye, the lighting in the picture is all sorts of funny.

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    Lisa Vanderpump, of Real Housewives fame, is attempting to settle a sexual assault case that had been filed against her Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca. The trial is set to begin on Monday so it looks like this is a last ditch effort to make sure they never have to enter the courtroom.

    And who can blame her! It's unlikely Vanderpump wants this kind of case going to court.

    Karina Bustillos, the waitress that filed the suit, claims the manager from the restaurant, Michael Govia, tried to kiss her, violently grabbed her wrists and called her a profanity. Here's the part that wraps Lisa in ... her suit says that Vanderpump refused to do anything about it. Bustillos eventually quit.

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    Seth Rogen opened SNL with three stellar (and hilarious) cameos on Saturday night. He didn't bother weaving them throughout the show but rather just brought them right out in his opening monologue. One-by-one James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and Taylor Swift joined him on stage.

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