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I'm the mama of a sweet toddler girl, a neat freak, and a serious fan of summertime. My work has appeared on many websites, including The Huffington Post, The Fashion Spot, and McSweeney's. In another life, I lived in Los Angeles and worked on sitcoms, such as The Big Bang Theory and The George Lopez Show. I'm constantly rearranging furniture, prefer my laundry to dry on a clothesline, and refuse to let go of the dream that one day my husband and I will own a quaint hotel somewhere on the coast of Italy. Kids stay free. Breakfast buffet included.

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    It's weird, it didn't seem like there was much drama this season on RHONY. In fact, this season was pretty boring. But the reunion totally made it seem otherwise. Right out of the gate, the ladies started fighting with one another. It started with Aviva Drescher and Kristen Taekman rehashing their issues, complete with Kristen telling Aviva to "shut the f*ck up." Then it got into Ramona Singer and Kristen's feud (who could forget Ramona pegging a wine glass at Kristen's face, drawing blood?). Then it got into everyone against crazy Aviva. And the denouement was when everyone confronted Sonja Morgan, wanting to know what in fresh the hell is going on with her finances, businesses, and all those interns living at her house.

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    There's being fond of yourself, and then there's Kim Kardashian. We all know that Kim is the queen of selfies -- and with good reason, the woman can take a mean pic of herself. But is there a line when it comes to how many selfies a person should take of themselves in the span of a couple days? If you ask Kim, the answer to that is an unequivocal no. There's never enough.

    In the past few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has been working on a selfie book for her husband, Kanye West, while she vacations in beautiful Thailand with her family. And in a recently released deleted scene E! shared, Kim reveals the exact number of selfies she took/plans on taking during the trip. You literally won't believe the number, people. It's well over 1,000. How is that even possible?! Even Kris Jenner is in awe of her child!

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    It was bound to happen, being that the poor woman can't steer clear of the pregnancy rumor mill for a single day, but shortly after gossip reached a fever pitch about Kate Middleton being pregnant with her second child, some news outlets are now saying the Duchess has suffered a miscarriage. And by "news outlets," I mean the Globe, so please, take with a giant, heaping spoonful of salt.

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    We all know the celebrities who are givers. The ones who donate good portions of their hard-earned money to charities and people less fortunate than they are. Oprah, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift -- classic celebrity philanthropists. But did you know there is actually a whole slew of famous folk who are equally (or almost equally) as charitable as their more well-known altruistic counterparts?

    Prepare to be shocked, people. Here are 8 incredibly charitable celebrities you truly never knew about!

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    Whoa! There's sexy, and then there's Kim Kardashian in this crazy beige "dress." Why the quotes? Well, while Kim looks stunning in what she's got on, the get-up is somewhat reminiscent of a very thin sheet and a piece of string. And Kim seems to be having trouble keeping it on!

    Apparently, Kim donned the coffee-hued silk gown for a photo shoot she was doing in L.A. recently, but she was thisclose to having a truly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, what with the slit so high and the dress cut so low. At one point, she even had to have an assistant come to her aid, because things were about to get awkward.

    And, uh, guys? Not to be weird, but it doesn't seem like Kim's wearing any underwear here. Just sayin'.

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