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I'm the mama of a sweet toddler girl; a lover of fine goods; and a big fan of summertime. My musings have appeared on many websites, including Huffington Post; The FashionSpot; and McSweeney's; and in another life, I lived in Los Angeles and worked on sitcoms. I'm constantly rearranging furniture; prefer my laundry to dry on a clothesline; and will never let go of the dream that one day my husband and I will own a quaint hotel somewhere on the coast of Italy. Kids stay free. Breakfast buffet included.

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    Choosing a pediatrician, particularly if it's your first baby, can be a daunting task. When do you start? What questions do you ask? How do you know if this is the best pediatrician for you and your family? (After all, your baby deserves the best.) We get it, we've been there and we want to help. Here, everything you need to know about choosing a pediatrician.

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    An elementary school in Melbourne, Florida, recently doled out small amounts of -- wait for it -- Mountain Dew to students, along with some trail mix, to perk them up for the high-stakes standardized tests they were taking each day. This apparently has been a 10-year-long practice of Creel Elementary (I know), but it's since been stopped, thanks to a grandmother who contacted the local media about the practice.

    Time to talk about soda, Moms! Yet another divisive parenting topic that has us on either the "cool with it" side or the shield-it-from-your-child-as-if-it-were-whopping-cough-in-a-2-liter-bottle side. I, personally, consider myself a member of the latter group. With the exception of a random occasion here and there, I have zero intentions of allowing my daughter to drink it. And if she were given, ugh, Mountain Dew by her elementary school to "get her excited for a test," you best believe I'd be annoyed. Allowing kids to have soda is a parenting decision, not a school one.

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    It isn't uncommon to hear about teens getting in trouble for what they're wearing. And it's not exactly a massive surprise, being that some teens dress way too revealing these days (old person speaking here). But in an interesting and ridiculous twist, a teenage girl was kicked out of her prom ... for wearing pants. That's right, a totally innocuous, completely normal pair of pants.

    Shafer Rupard attended her high school prom in North Carolina with a group of friends and, deciding not to conform to the typical sequin dress nonsense, wore a pair of red skinny pants. But shortly after she arrived, she was told by a teacher to leave. Initially, Rupard thought it was because of the leather jacket she was wearing, which she offered to remove, but the teacher said, Nope. It's the pants. Shafer left the dance and, despite there being no dress code for prom, is yet to receive an apology from the school.

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    Every baby nursery is different. And each, particularly early on in a little one's life, reflects the parent's style, as opposed to the newborn's. Because, uh, newborns don't have style.

    How did you style your child's nursery? Chandeliers and frilly pink everywhere? A dinosaur theme? White walls with bright pops of color? Whatever the decor, it speaks volumes to the kind of person and parent you are.

    Here's what your baby's nursery says about you. You know you're curious ...

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    She can stay as mum as she wants, but there's no denying that Mila Kunis is pregnant. The actress and her fiancee, Ashton Kutcher, were recently spotted at LAX, and Kunis' adorable baby bump was on full display. She's definitely popped, as they say, and the ever-intrusive paparazzi even managed to get a shot of her affectionately rubbing her belly. Cuteness.

    I've gotta say, even though being pregnant isn't the most comfortable thing on the planet for everyone, "popping" -- AKA, finally looking pregnant and not like you just are bloated from overeating salty meats and cheeses -- is such a great, relieving feeling. It's sort of like your coming out party to the world. Mamas-to-be can finally stop trying to disguise their "awkward" body with baggy and loose-fitting clothing, and we can do the belly rub thing -- which, let's be honest, is innate -- without looking like complete weirdos.

    Can I get an amen for finally looking pregnant, ladies?!

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