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Yeah, I hate bios. I've started this bio about 23 times, and that's about as many former lives I've had (Air Force brat, actress, stand-up comedienne, Saks Fifth Avenue perfume chick, editor on Wall Street to name a few). I sometimes think my former life list (and I love lists) would make Shirley MacLaine a little jealous. Current life includes writing, mommying, wife-ing and living in NYC. Constants throughout former lives and current lives (a literal reference as well as nod to Lost): jazz, TV, and McDs French fries.

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Day: Starbucks (bold blend only, none of that Pike Place dreck). Night: Vino. Always in fridge: Champagne.

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    When Kiddo was born, my husband was a semi-stay-at-home dad. He worked from home during the day and then went to work in the late afternoon hours. So he watched Kiddo a lot, spent more time with her than I did when I went back to work after my maternity leave. He had the feeding down, he was King of Naptime, and he developed his own style of diapering ... which took twice as long as when I changed her diaper. I could not figure out what would take him so dang long.

    I spied on him one day and, lo and behold, he was meticulous with his diaper changing. He'd get the onesie waaay up, he'd get a wipe and carefully fold over the ends so as to be sure to get into every nook and cranny she has down there. Always wiping down. Super job, but slower than molasses.

    Me? Totally different. Kiddo didn't mind either way. Yup, different diapering styles ... what does the way we diaper say about us? Hmmmmmm...

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    We are headed to the West Coast for a wedding in a few weeks. Jet lag, invasive TSA body searches, cramped seats -- whoo hoo. Sigh. I'm already thinking about all of the crap we need to keep Kiddo entertained on the plane. I'm stocking up on iPhone apps for her, getting a bunch of movies and shows downloaded on the laptop, gathering Play-Doh, stickers, paper. Like I said, lots of crap. But I also have to think about all of the stuff for her to eat and things to pack to keep her safe -- she's allergic to nuts, so travelling takes on a whole different scenario than just preventing the bored grumpies.

    The main thing -- be prepared. I'm no Boy Scout, but that's the key to vacationing with an allergic kid.

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    Poor Hugh. Poor poor Hugh Hefner. The pajama-wearing head honcho of Playboy was ditched by his fiancee Crystal Harris mere days before they were supposed to walk down the aisle. He has a mansion. He is famous. He has butt-loads of money. But even that can't save him from being dumped

    I adore Hugh Hefner. I watched many a season of The Girls Next Door. Personally, I always thought he'd end up with Holly Madison. They seemed great together, Holly and her "Puffin," as she would call him. But when that ended and he took up with Crystal and popped the question so soon ... just didn't seem right. I'm not shocked by the break-up, but I am curious. Is the real issue here that actually -- even though Hugh Hefner is rich, famous, and seemingly a great (though old) guy -- the ladies these days hold more power in a relationship?

    And what does this mean for the rest of us? What can we learn from Hef's heartbreak?

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    We have a great friend named Marc who is a true DIY dad. He re-did his kitchen (like plumbing and all), he's refinished bathrooms, he's built furniture. He is the friend you always want around, the one you would almost pay to have around when you are re-painting as he does a professional-level job. Seriously, we have one wall in our apartment that looks awesome, while the rest are kind of so-so -- we call it the Marc Wall.

    Marc is the dad of two amazing little ones, and his wife is always in search of cool tools, gadgets, whatnots to give him. Father's Day is no different, so I'm helping her find some fabu gifts that celebrate his DIY-ness!

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  • 7 Must-Have Father’s Day Themed Books

    posted by Heather Chaet June 14, 2011 at 5:26 PM in Baby
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    Our time to celebrate dads is almost here!! What do you have planned for Father's Day? Some quality time for the Papa, Daddy, Pops in your world? Does it involve hanging with the kiddos? Perhaps some father-kiddo bonding time? If that's the case, along with his "SuperDad" mug and his "Best Dad in the World" cap, give him some fabu books for reading time that focus on dads, kids, and all thing father-y!

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