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Prior to becoming a first-time mom in December, Lauren Flynn Kelly was an editor at Soap Opera Digest, turning her lifelong passion for soaps into an actual, paying job! She now braves the blogosphere documenting the trials and tribulations of parenting, and resides in Brooklyn with her wine-slingin' husband, two cuddly cats and baby daughter, Skye.

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    Did you like the shimmery zebra-patterned Roberto Cavalli gown Miley Cyrus wore to the Grammys on Sunday? No? What about Nicki Minaj's head-to-toe leopard look? Too bad. From the runway to the red carpet, it appears that animal prints are here to stay.

    Don't worry, not all animal prints have to be leopard, skintight, and trashy like pretty much anything worn by Snooki. As you start thinking about your spring wardrobe, consider a few subtle animal print options like these:

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  • I Am NOT Addicted to Breastfeeding

    posted by Lauren Flynn Kelly February 21, 2011 at 12:00 PM in Baby
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    Since becoming a first-time mom nearly three months ago, I've been hearing a lot about this so-called addiction to breastfeeding. A few weeks ago, in fact, a woman I had just met cornered me while I was nursing, asked me how it was going, then leaned over with wide eyes and whispered, "You'll get ... addicted."

    Even Salma Hayek admitted her addiction. It feels like women everywhere are vibing on the need to feed. But not me. It's been 11 weeks, and I'm still waiting for that magical feeling.

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    This morning on Live! With Regis and Kelly, co-host Kelly Ripa paired black pantyhose with a chiffon, polka-dot dress and red heels, explaining that she switched up her usual "childlike" tights out of solidarity with StuckInHose, a guy tweeting his adventures in hosiery since promising a female co-worker he'd wear nylons under his pants.

    "I'm not sure why," she told Regis. "You know, it's only 140 characters; we can't get into the why. But every day he comments on my leg wear and he's been feeling like my tights have been too dark and too childlike, so StuckInHose, this one's for you."

    But what if Ripa's really on to something and it's time to ditch the kiddie tights and slip into something more mature?

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  • Tackiest Ways to Share Your Pregnancy News

    posted by Lauren Flynn Kelly February 17, 2011 at 8:09 PM in Pregnancy
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    There are plenty of ways to get creative with telling the world you're expecting, like recording a song about the blessed event and putting it on a mix CD for friends or strategically placing that pregnancy test somewhere your husband will see it, but there can also be some really bad, tactless ways to go about it.

    Like the maternity t-shirt. You've seen those ads in the pregnancy magazines at your doctor's office: "Bump, Not Plump!" Or for those who want to be more blunt, "Yes, I'm Pregnant." The men's versions are even worse. "My Boys Can Swim" was my husband's favorite when we were expecting. Wearing his 'n' hers t-shirts to the next family picnic is like wearing those old "I'm With Stupid" t-shirts. Don't be that couple!

    Here are a few more dumb ways to say you're pregnant:

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    As a new mom, "sleep training" is a buzz phrase that I've been hearing and choosing to ignore. My daughter isn't even 3 months old, so her routine is still our routine. There's no reason I should be messing with her sleep, right?

    Then a pal pointed me in the direction of a sleep training seminar, and I decided to see what all the buzz is about, if only to meet some other new moms and commiserate over our lack of sleep. I got to do the latter, but as far as my sleeping baby goes, the idea of training a baby to sleep when you want her to sounds pretty unrealistic.

    Here's an idea of how I came to this conclusion:

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