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I'm a high heel wearing writer, magician, sleuth, and twin mama with tattoos. My not-so-secret past includes doing time as the Editor of Playgirl magazine. I get personal on Mommy With Tattoos and mouthy at Daily Momtra. I'm obsessed with taking naps, 70s vintage, chocolate chip cookies, reality TV, and Mexican food (not too spicy, please).

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    Since becoming The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis has been called a lot of things. Rude. Shady. Insincere. Perhaps worst of all is that his love for Nikki Ferrell has been constantly questioned. How frustrating that must be. JP shouldn't have to answer to strangers. Besides, I've seen plenty of proof of love in photographs of Nikki and Juan Pablo to know there is something special between these two -- and that's something to be celebrated, not torn down, not even questioned.

    I think I can confidently say that Nikki has managed to show the world the soft, lovable side of Juan Pablo.

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    The rumor is that Mila Kunis loves being pregnant! Were you one of those women? I was ... except for the moments I wasn't. You know those moments -- the morning sickness, when all you want to do is sleep on your stomach, and when your feet get so swollen, they don't fit into your shoes. Sometimes all I wanted to do was commiserate with other pregnant women on all that comes with being pregnant. Mila has that. Ashton Kutcher's twin brother as well as his older sister are expecting babies!

    That's three babies due this year around the same time for the Kutcher family!

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    We all have our personal wishes on who should be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. Naturally, so does Chris Harrison, who shocked some by saying he thought his ex-wife would make a great Bachelorette. I think he's on to something there -- I'd nominate my ex-husband to be on The Bachelor ... as long as they made absolutely sure he had women on the show with the best intentions. She could be a potential stepmother to my kids. Personal desires aside ... let's talk more about what Chris Harrison wants; since he's the host, perhaps his wishes could come true. And I'm not just talking about his wife being the next Bachelorette.

    Harrison said he wants the next Bachelor to be ... who I would guess is most of America's choice for the next Bachelor. Can you guess?

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    A 14-year-old girl connected with a 28-year-old stranger named Gregory Lionel Foster on Facebook. A fear so many parents have. It's unclear if this was planned, but sometime after, Foster saw the girl at a gas station where he bought her snacks and a drink. He offered the girl a ride home. He kidnapped her. Less than seven hours later, the girl was saved by Orlando police, but not before she was forced to have sex with Foster who then attempted to make her a prostitute. Foster has been charged with human trafficking and kidnapping.

    In total there were 44 people arrested during a three-day sting. This unthinkable crime happens all too often. What happens is those kidnapped fall into what the police call dysfunctional relationships because they are vulnerable and easily manipulated. They tell the young girls they are beautiful and give them gifts, but use them to make money when they sell them for sex. Police say there is a demand for the sex trafficking of minors.

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    It's never nice to say bad things about anyone. Our moms taught us that, right? But still, people talk. And lots have been said about Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis. Especially Juan Pablo. He's been through the ringer, hasn't he? Nikki and Juan Pablo do seem really happy -- and I hope they are. Love is wonderful. But these two cannot escape the people who want to create doubt or see this relationship end. 

    Nikki is addressing those haters head on with some fighting words after a fan questioned her happiness. She's quite fiery when it comes to defending her man.

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