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I'm a high heel wearing writer, magician, sleuth, and twin mama with tattoos. My not-so-secret past includes doing time as the Editor of Playgirl magazine. I get personal on Mommy With Tattoos and mouthy at Daily Momtra. I'm obsessed with taking naps, 70s vintage, chocolate chip cookies, reality TV, and Mexican food (not too spicy, please).

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    East St. Paul, Minnesota, resident Christopher Lollie was on his way to pick up his kids from school when he got there a little early and did what most parents would do -- have a seat in a public area to wait until it was time. Lollie said he had about 10 minutes to spare before his kids were released and during that time he was approached by an "irate man." Lollie began walking toward the school entrance through the skyway when a female police officer began walking with him and asking for his name. That's when Lollie began filming the incident on his phone.

    From the video, we can hear that Lollie is calm; he questions why he is being targeted as he should. He was doing nothing wrong. He's a dad there to pick up his kids. It starts to get more tense when a male officer approaches and that's when tears began filling my eyes. Even before they taser him with his kids right there.

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    Once upon a time, the required reading for young girls was Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. After that you'd graduate to watching the 1984 film Angel about a 15-year-old runaway who becomes a hooker. But today we have Fifty Shades of Grey for our youth to learn all they need to know about sex. And we wonder why the world is so screwed up. At least nowadays we talk about things, I hope. I can picture it now ... a teen reading Fifty Shades and then stopping to ask her mother: What is BDSM, mom?

    I'm not recommending Angel or Fifty Shades to young women. (Angel mostly for fear that slutty '80s style makes a comeback -- though it already has.) But Planned Parenthood is. Planned Parenthood has come under fire for reportedly recommending Fifty Shades to young girls so they can learn about sex. A Catholic group has been doing their own investigating.

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    School has just begun for most kids, and along with the pencils and notebooks that the students brought to one school in Pennsylvania was a gun -- a loaded gun. It was found in a 5-year-old's backpack in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, after a classmate told the teacher about it. These kids are in kindergarten. And there was a loaded gun in a kindergarten student's backpack. Terrifying. The boy was suspended, but I don't think he should have been. He has a very good reason why he brought the gun to school.

    The child said he found it on a bed in his house and didn't want his 3-year-old brother to get it, so he packed it in a place he thought was safe.

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    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have transcended into our own version of royalty -- they are that incredible couple who can do no wrong and have a million kids and make it look effortless and amazing. They hold hands and give each other sweet looks and we all sigh. Despite any rocky roads that we went through in the past (ahem, Jennifer Aniston), everyone (well almost everyone and most definitely not Aniston) is in love with Brangelina. Which is why the latest on the dynamic duo is so worrisome.

    Brad and Angie are are making a new movie together.

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    Watching Beyonce and Jay Z on the VMAs made it all very clear that the couple we all love are doing just fine -- no divorce filings happening there. At least that's what we were led to believe. There was the love, the admiration, the kiss, the hug, and seeing the three of them as a family with sweet little Blue Ivy made their marriage seem solid as a rock. But as we all know, there is a lot of deception in Hollywood. Things don't always appear as they seem and I don't just mean because of the makeup, push-up bras, and body-slimming undergarments.

    I'm talking about Jedi mind tricks. Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles is saying that the scandals surrounding Bey and Jay were all part of their master plan. WHAT?!

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