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I'm a high heel wearing writer, magician, sleuth, and twin mama with tattoos. My not-so-secret past includes doing time as the Editor of Playgirl magazine. I get personal on Mommy With Tattoos and mouthy at Daily Momtra. I'm obsessed with taking naps, 70s vintage, chocolate chip cookies, reality TV, and Mexican food (not too spicy, please).

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    Even though the engagement was super long and we thought for a minute that the wedding was never going to happen, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in a sweet ceremony that their kids were very much a part of. Because of our curiosity when it comes to everything Brangelina, we need to know what these wedding rings look like -- and we got a good look at Brad's.

    It's ... so Brad. Brad's wedding band was made by designer Robert Procop, which is curious only because I would assume that Brad and Angie would have somehow figured out a way to make it themselves. But I have a theory on that. Check out the ring.

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    Rising to the top ranks of the most popular Kardashian is someone who technically isn't a Kardashian. Though thank goodness she still has the K in her name. It's Kendall, as in Jenner -- the 18-year-old daughter of Kris and Bruce.

    She's a model. She hangs out with Chris Brown. And her bestie is her sister Kylie. Hey, two out of three. But something is going to be a little different in the world of Kendall Jenner -- she's changing her name.

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    Say what you want about Adam Levine, but the man is all kinds of in love with his wife Behati Prinsloo. Granted they are still newlyweds (they just celebrated one month), but Levine has never seemed happier or looked hotter. And for a man that likes to be a wise-ass sometimes, he sure has incredible things to say about getting hitched.

    In fact, anyone on the fence on whether or not they believe in marriage should read what he has to say on the matter. The reality is that marriage looks really good on Adam, and he's glowing and gloating about how it makes him feel and what has changed.

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    When a breakup happens, suddenly everyone you know becomes an expert in what you need to do. The problem is that when going through a breakup your head is spinning so much that all the opinions of everyone you know becomes a cacophony of sound that makes you go a little batty. Or maybe that's just me. Gwyneth Paltrow is experiencing this right now, I'd bet. Poor, poor Gwynnie.

    Not only is she dealing with the fact that her ex Chris Martin is dating Jennifer Lawrence and the rumors that she and Glee creator Brad Falchuk are an item, one of her best friends is speaking out in public saying that she thinks Gwyneth should just be alone. Gee, that's nice.

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    East St. Paul, Minnesota, resident Christopher Lollie was on his way to pick up his kids from school when he got there a little early and did what most parents would do -- have a seat in a public area to wait until it was time. Lollie said he had about 10 minutes to spare before his kids were released and during that time he was approached by an "irate man." Lollie began walking toward the school entrance through the skyway when a female police officer began walking with him and asking for his name. That's when Lollie began filming the incident on his phone.

    From the video, we can hear that Lollie is calm; he questions why he is being targeted as he should. He was doing nothing wrong. He's a dad there to pick up his kids. It starts to get more tense when a male officer approaches and that's when tears began filling my eyes. Even before they taser him with his kids right there.

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