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I'm a high heel wearing writer, magician, sleuth, and twin mama with tattoos. My not-so-secret past includes doing time as the Editor of Playgirl magazine. I get personal on Mommy With Tattoos and mouthy at Daily Momtra. I'm obsessed with taking naps, 70s vintage, chocolate chip cookies, reality TV, and Mexican food (not too spicy, please).

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    We've waited what seems like a very long time for Mila to give birth and the moment has finally arrived. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are now parents to a sweet baby girl. She has to be sweet if she's the blend of these two. Could you imagine the cheekbones she's going to have!

    We've known since April that these two lovebirds were expecting a girl and naturally we've all had guesses on what the name could be.

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    Fresh from her sweet nuptials to the love of her life Christopher French, new bride Ashley Tisdale has gone and done the unthinkable with her hair. If you recall, she had long, luxurious blonde locks, so perfectly coiffed in wedding perfection. So blonde. So beautiful. So impeccably boring. Listen, I love a blonde. So much so that I have blonde tips on my own dark brown hair. But what I love more is that Ashley is having fun with her hair whatever color it may be.

    Mrs. Tisdale French (how lovely a name) has colored her hair purple and she's like a rainbow. A unicorn. A pastel mystical wonderland.

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    I recently got wrapped into the drama that is Couples Therapy on VH1 and found myself thoroughly annoyed with Dick Donato, aka Evel Dick, who is on the show with his girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer. He plays up his character well -- he even calls himself an "asshole" and admits he isn't very nice. He isn't. Especially to his girlfriend. They have been on and off for a very long time. Dick famously won Big Brother 8 and mysteriously left season 13.

    Now he's dropping a major bombshell regarding his health. He's HIV positive. And it's a secret he's kept for years.

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    I belong to the school of thought that children are a gift. I have twins who are now 4 years old -- a boy and a girl -- and I am so thankful these miracles came into my life. I think all parents feel that way about their kids even when they are throwing a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. Okay, maybe right after when the calm returns. And because of this love we have for our kids when we become parents, I am questioning why a white lesbian mom is suing the sperm bank for giving her a black man's sperm.

    Jennifer Cramblett gave birth to her daughter Payton two years ago. She's healthy. She's mixed race. Jennifer and her partner Amanda Zinkon say they have racist relatives, live in an all-white town in Chicago, and fear her daughter will not be accepted because she is half black.

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    Our virginity is a sacred thing because it's our bodies, and we should respect our bodies. Unfortunately so many of us tend to "lose" it to some undeserving jerk. I personally don't think it matters if you have sex at 17 or 37 as long as you want to do it and feel ready. (Unless you are my daughter, in which case, never.) Maybe you hold onto it until marriage or later than the "norm" like these celebrities.

    For some, it's hard to believe that in the land of Hollyweird, some people choose to not have sex until they are married or until they are fully committed to someone, which in many cases means they are much older than their teenage years. Such a rarity! Or maybe not as unusual as we thought. These celebrities held on to their virginity for way longer than you'd expect -- some are still virgins.

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