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Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy, writes about motherhood -- the good, the bad and the scary. She's also the New York Times bestselling author Confessions of a Scary Mommy and the soon to be published Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies).

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    There is a constant battle in my house over bath time. "But we're not due for one," my children like to argue. "We're not dirty!!!" Now, much as I love freshly bathed children, sometimes I'm just not up for the fight. Sometimes, I just don't give a shit. Sometimes, I just tell myself one of the following...

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    The other day, I went to get a pen from my bag and instead pulled out 1) a lollipop from the bank from a month ago, 2) three rainbow loom bracelets, 3) my son's broken glasses, 4) a rogue soccer sock, and 5) three broken crayons.  

    I'm such a mother, I thought, rolling my eyes at myself.

    I asked my Facebook friends when the last time they had that thought was, and I could relate to every single answer. Here, 20 ways you know you're a mother.

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    It's time for another installment of "You're not the only flawed parent out there." Could you use the reminder, too?

    Below are 10 recent Scary Mommy Confessions for those of you who may be having trouble keeping up with all of the seemingly perfect parents out there. Because, really? We've all got something to confess ...

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    A good friend of mine is expecting her first child any day. For her baby shower last month, the attendees were asked to jot down a few pieces of advice to pass on to the mom-to-be. Most women came up with great reminders of things to do -- take pictures, keep a baby book, take vacations, etc. -- but when I got home, it dawned on me that the most important things I've learned about parenthood have been the don'ts. Don'ts like these ...

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