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    Holy overload. On this week's episode of The Bachelor, the final six girls are back home with Juan Pablo in Miami. And before we get into the drama that is Sharleen Joynt's big decision, Nikki meeting JP's family (and Camila!), and the awkwardness that is Clare and Nikki's hatred for one another -- can we laugh about how the ladies are greeted in their Miami penthouse hotel suite? Welcome to Miami, ladies! Here's some dental floss. And by dental floss, I mean strategically placed free bikinis.

    However, there was minimal bikini time this episode. You know what we did learn, though? That sexual chemistry can only get you so far. With hometown dates on the horizon, the girls are all starting to question what they really have in common with Juan Pablo aside from being hot and beautiful.

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    When it comes to a sexy night on the town, nothing completes a gorgeous ensemble like the right makeup. Sure, a flawless smoky eye can totally change your look, but in the wintertime especially, there's nothing more daring than bold lips. Whether you're into crimson or red, coral or plum -- the right bright lip can bring your look from average to va-va-vooooom!

    The problem with that standout pout? The color rubbing off. Lipstick smeared across a woman's face (especially when she has no clue) -- hello Awkward City! Well, what if I were to tell you there is a way to get that lipstick to stay on through meals and even a steamy make-out sesh? Really. Check out our 7 easy tips to making your lipstick last, here:

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    As women, we all have a different way we like to get fancy. Whether it's just your average day or a jazzy night on the town -- a fresh face of makeup or the right outfit can totally change a lady's attitude for the better. The only problem? Sometimes things we think look fabulous, well, they're actually sort of a nuisance. And the person who may notice more than you like? Your man.

    Whether it's clumpy mascara or caked-on foundation, check out these 6 major beauty fails that are major turn-offs, and how to fix them.

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    As if we ladies need another reason to eat chocolate, thank the heavens that Valentine's Day is on the horizon. Heck, even if you're not a fan of all of the mushy gushy things that go along with the Hallmark holiday -- at least you will blend in while gobbling down baked goods come Friday, February 14

    Mmmm, baked goods. Double chocolate cupcakes, chocolate-covered pretzels, heart-shaped cakes and ice cream sandwiches: the amount of heart-tastic treats you can overindulge in this Valentine's Day is endless. Whether you're looking to drown your dateless sorrows with the help of your KitchenAid stand mixer or are hoping to whip up something sweet for your sweetie, check out our roundup of 10 decadent chocolatey recipes perfect for Valentine's Day, here:

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    Well it took her long enough. After what felt like an eternity, Bethenny Frankel has decided to rent out a second apartment away from her ex-husband. The talk show host, who's been living in the same gorgeous $5 million NYC apartment as Jason Hoppy despite their separation 14 months ago, has been stubborn for a while now. And it seems that perhaps her financier boyfriend Michael Cerussi was the kick in the (small) booty she needed to finally pull the plug and move forward.

    Frankel currently shares custody of her 3-year-old daughter Bryn with Hoppy, which is a major reason neither of them has moved forward. Well that, and apparently Hoppy wants quadruple the amount Bethenny's offered to settle the divorce.

    Eeeesh. That's a chunka change.

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