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    Before we get started, let's note that while many of us ladies love lookin' at an attractive group of men -- The Bachelorette: Men Tell All is so much less interesting than The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Period. No contest. Why? Because men just don't naturally sit around in a circle and talk for two hours. So when they do? Epic TV just isn't happening. Awkwardness is happening. At the very least, I was hoping for some 'bows to be thrown and a few tears. Fail, ABC. Fail.

    Now -- I'll say this: I don't think that Marquel is the right candidate for the next Bachelor (and he won't be because he's on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise). But man, we saw tonight that he's one handsome fella with a whole ton of class. How he could feel so much anger but not erupt at Andrew was impressive. Insert: Honorable mention of Marquel's cookie boutonniere.

    So, if not Marquel, then the question remains: Who will be the next Bachelor?

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    Tonight's episode of The Bachelorette was way more tear-jerking than I ever anticipated. As if the hometown dates weren't enough to digest, with Andi finally meeting the families of Nick, Chris, Josh, and Marcus -- Chris Harrison breaking the news to the cast about the untimely death of Eric Hill was an emotional roller coaster.

    Months after the fact, it's hard to watch the footage and see Andi deal with the grief that she has over her last head-butting interactions with Hill. And while my heart breaks for his family all over again, I can't even imagine how Andi must've felt after hearing the news, trying to figure out what (well, who) her heart really wants while dealing with that burden of their final words.

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    Generally speaking, the sidelines of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren't exactly an ideal breeding ground for long-lasting friendships. But Andi Dorfman and Nikki Ferrell, well, they broke the mold. Back during Juan Pablo's season when we met the two beauties, Nikki ended up with JP (it's rumored a wedding is on the horizon) and Andi, well, she had a public feud with him that eventually turned out into her being the next bachelorette. Fans watched as Nikki and Andi constantly proclaimed their adoration for each other all over social media, and then suddenly when Andi's season began, there was radio silence. Nothing.

    We wondered: What, are they donezo? Do they hate each other because Andi thinks Nikki's man is a skeezeball? Why was it that Nikki wasn't there for that man ogling earlier this season?

    Well Andi took to Instagram to set the record straight on their "broken" friendship just the other day, revealing how things are with her and Nikki to this day. Check it out, here:

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    To the women who think good is great,

    Confession time. You've been treated badly by some guy you used to think was an absolute dreamboat, a perfect 10 -- a Gosling, if you will. And you let it happen. Are we right?

    And it's because of this jerk that you think just okay relationships are the norm. It's because of inconsiderate guys like him -- who thought it was OK to make you feel like text messaging was the only acceptable form of communication and "forgetting" about the dinner plans you've had for two weeks because he was "stressed" was permissible -- that you feel like you don't deserve the best.

    The good news? You're not alone. There are a bazillion single women who wonder about the same thing you wonder about every damn day: "Am I asking for too much?"

    Spoiler alert: No. You deserve it, the "too much." The catch? You just need to stop settling for less than what you really want.

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    Between after-school activities and late nights at work, sitting down for a family dinner is an art form forever being perfected. Enter Laurie David, producer of the film An Inconvenient Truth and the just-released Fed Up who wrote The Family Cooks. She says making family dinners a priority can change everyone's lives for the better. 

    David, a single mom of two, says a communal dinner is essential if you want to raise healthy eaters.

    "Bring them [into the kitchen] and be patient," she suggests, "so that someday you can send them out in the world capable of cooking for themselves and happy to do so."

    David, who split from actor Larry David in 2007, says she knew she was doing something right when her girls didn't run away from the table the second they were done eating. She found dinner was the perfect time to catch up. A time for her family, if even just the three of them, to get closer.

    Read on for David's 9 tips for creating the perfect family dinner:

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