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Self-proclaimed bargainista and sale rack extraordinaire. Runner of everything from 5ks to marathons. I love the freedom of not having a plan, but generally feel lost without one. Losing 70 pounds is my greatest life accomplishment, so far.

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    There have been plenty of hot and happenin' trends over the past couple years that many of us haven't necessarily been able to get on board with. For me, I'm still puzzled by this whole reemergence of the crop top and can't even imagine attempting to rock overalls. But one trend I can get down with? The jumpsuit.

    Now before you get all like "are you SERIOUS?!" on me, hear me out: When styled and worn correctly for your body type, the jumpsuit can be the perfect option for daytime casual or dressy evening.

    Have I piqued your interest? Good. Check out these 5 dos and don'ts for rockin' this season's hottest trend: the jumpsuit. 

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    Guys. GUYS. Have you seen Catherine Giudici lately? No no, not like -- getting married to Bachelor star Sean Lowe, lately. As in just the other day when she revealed her hot new hair style. That's right, Catherine Giudici got bangs (at a joint haircut with her hubby, nonetheless!) and she looks amazeballs. I may not be the biggest CG fan in the world, but I'll be the first person to admit that lady looks good. Like, really good. Like, I'm already starting to forget what she looked like before bangs, good.

    Bangs are no minor decision for a woman older than say, oh, 14 years old. The wrong face shape, the wrong styling, there are so many wrong ways to go about this major hair change.

    Granted, we can't blame you for wanting a chop after seeing her gorgeous cut. The good news? We have expert tips from Mark Garrison of Mark Garrison Salon here in New York City. From best bangs for your face shape and bang no-no's, check out our guide to bangs here

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    There's no arguing that Lea Michele has certainly been on a path to find herself since the unexpected loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith. Breaking away from that Rachel Berry, good girl stereotype -- the 27-year-old songstress is coming into her own in all aspects of her career. First, with her first solo album Louder, coming out in stores this week. And now? By revealing a sexy, sultry side even some of the biggest Glee fans have never seen before.

    The "Cannonball" singer recently channeled her inner vixen for a hot photo shoot with controversial celebrity photographer Terry Richardson for V MagazineAccompanying a story called "Lea the Brave," Lea's new racy photos show a whole different Lea Michele.

    Take a looksee, here:

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    Cleaning is certainly a project, one that many women and men aren't exactly stoked to take on. The problem with that? That means that many of us don't know the proper way to do things, and admittedly can be super lazy when it comes time for that Sunday night clean sweep of the home.

    Scarily enough, your disinterest in being a modern day Martha Stewart could end up causing some serious problems. It's not your fault, you just didn't know better. Here, check out these 5 common dangerous cleaning mistakes that could be wreaking havoc on your health:

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    I joke all the time that I learned how to wear heels for hours on end back in college when I went through sorority recruitment. A week long of shaking hands, learning new names, and too much makeup -- to this day I refer to rush week as high heel boot camp. It's safe to say that wearing heels, sorority alumni or not, isn't always a walk in the park. Sore ankles and achy arches are anything but ideal. The good news? There are tricks to wearing heels the right way. As in, wearing heels in a manner that doesn't make you look like an injured baby lamb hobbling toward dinner with your honey.

    Want to know the key to wearing high heels so you don't kill your feet? Check out our 5 tricks to comfortably wearing heels. Yes, even those skyscrapers your mom thinks are ridiculous.

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