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I am a writer and occasional editor. My work has appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, First for WomenWoman's World, AOL, YourTango, and various other publications. Interests include holistic health/fitness, beauty/style, reading, pop culture, astrology, summer, baking, and cooking with lots of veggies and spices! I've lived in Chicago, Boston, London, L.A. and Manhattan and now reside in north NJ with my Jersey boy husband. In our free time, we frequent BYOB spots, buy overpriced (but so yummy!) eats at Whole Foods, and do bizarrely huge loads of laundry.

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    Any hamburger lover rejoices at the mention of Labor Day. Because obviously, the upcoming holiday traditionally means cooking up all manner of flame-grilled delights -- and then relishing in eating them. Sometimes a lot of them.

    We're getting hungry just thinking about it.

    It's really no wonder that burgers are such a no-fail crowd-pleaser, considering how they're basically a blank canvas where you can "paint on" your favorite toppings. As much as we all love the basic ketchup, lettuce, and tomato variety, you can also jazz up your classic burger just a bit with those old favorites or get creative and bold with some other, more daring customized burger toppings. No matter which you choose, they're all guaranteed to make your tastebuds sing.

    Here's the fastest way to throw together the burger of your dreams, with the perfect combo of toppings.

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    Thorughout their entire relationship, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have played by their own rules, so it's no surprise the two broke with tradition when they said "I do" this past weekend! The newly-minted Mr. and Mrs. reportedly gave their daughter Shiloh the honor of ringbearer, alongside brother Pax, while daughters Vivienne and Zahara served as flower girls.

    But as novel as the famous pair's move may seem, switching up gender roles in your bridal party has been a widespread trend for a while now.

    "Weddings today are more gender-neutral than they have ever been in the past," explains wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner in Delray Beach, Florida. "Certainly girls can carry in the ring, and boys can sprinkle petals if that’s what suits the bride and groom. And if a bride's best friend is a guy or the groom's best friend is a girl, so be it."

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    With the changing season on the horizon, you might be coveting a new fall wardrobe or goods to make your home more comfy and cozy going into cooler weather. If you have those or other big ticket items on the brain, you're in luck! Not only is Labor Day all about celebrating the American worker, but as we all know, it's also prime time for snagging deals galore at a multitude of retailers across the country -- including many of your favorites!

    Labor Day has become synonymous with sales and great discounts -- and this year won't disappoint! Get your shopping shoes ready!

    The most popular deals: Chains selling housewares often push home-improvement products over the holiday weekend, mattresses are another popular Labor Day sales item, and stores do their first markdown on winter clothes like sweaters, coats, hats, and scarves around Labor Day, notes Consumer Reports.

    Here, where you can snag these steals across the country.

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    If you're not at all prepared for pumpkin spice coffee drinks and changing leaves, you're not alone. In fact, plenty of us plan on snagging our last ditch chance at beach time ASAP.

    An estimated 34.7 million Americans plan to travel this Labor Day weekend, according to the Auto Club AAA. Thankfully, whether you're sneaking in your last summer trip now or later in the month with the kids, extended family, friends, or just your spouse, pulling together an impromptu getaway is a lot easier than it sounds. 

    The key: Casting a wide net with your search -- and striving to be open to a variety of options.

    "Everyone is heading for the beach or the lake, but if your kids are like mine, any pool [even at a local hotel or in a country house] would also work," says Tom Gilmore, CEO of

    Whether the consolation is where you're going to sunbathe or how you'll get to your destination, Gilmore recommends expanding your search for the best deal.

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    After enduring months of planning, family drama, negotiations with vendors, dress fittings, and all other manner of high points and headaches, it's no surprise if a bride's head is spinning by the time her wedding day actually arrives. Hence why it is imperative that loved ones do everything they can to help her relax and enjoy the special occasion. Unfortunately, that's rarely how it plays out!

    Whether it's due to nerves or simply a lack of filter, people have a way of aiming inappropriate remarks and questions at the bride on her Big Day.

    Maybe you're a guest in need of a tip or two, or you were that besieged bride and could use a laugh! Either way, here are 10 things never to say to a bride:

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