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I am a writer and occasional editor. My work has appeared in Better Homes & Gardens, First for WomenWoman's World, AOL, YourTango, and various other publications. Interests include holistic health/fitness, reading, pop culture, jewelry, astrology, summer, baking, and cooking with lots of veggies and spices! I've lived in Chicago, Boston, London, L.A. and Manhattan and now reside in north NJ with my Jersey boy husband. In our free time, we frequent BYOB spots, buy overpriced produce (but it's so pretty!) at Whole Foods, and do bizarrely huge loads of laundry.

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    The men of McKinley may be back together, but as we know full well, it's not at all smooth sailing in the Big Apple. Especially in matters of the heart -- and between the sheets. Artie, Sam, Kurt, and Blaine were all reminded in different ways that "love is a battlefield" -- set to an all-'80s soundtrack, of course. 

    For instance, it turns out that since settling into his life in NYC, Artie has been every bit the player, hooking up with several girls at film school -- except the one he really wants, Julie. In the process of getting with the others, though, he finds out he has contracted chlamydiaEwwwww. Seeing him dressed up throughout the episode as a big STD, though? So funny.

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    It seems like every month, a new study points to a possible cause of autism. This week, research published in the online issue of Pediatrics out of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health notes that boys with autism were three times more likely to have been exposed to SSRI antidepressants (like Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) in the womb than typically developing children. The study also found that boys whose mothers took SSRIs during pregnancy were also more likely to have developmental delays.

    To hear these conclusions is initally unnerving to say the least, considering how moms who face depression during pregnancy were already feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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    Savannah Guthrie is opening up about her pregnancy for the first time since announcing that she and her husband Michael Feldman are expecting a little one. The Today show host started a baby blog and, right off the bat, touched on one of the most emotional aspects of becoming a mom: The fact that at 42 years old, she "honestly didn’t know if she’d ever get the chance to be one." She goes on to write that she's "never been more thankful," in great part it seems because for a long time, she thinks she was afraid to even let herself think about how much she hoped to one day have a baby.

    Any mom who has waited into her early 40s or even mid-30s to start trying can relate to Savannah. There are a slew of worries, concerns, and fears that women who start trying to conceive on the "later" side have. The good news is that they're not alone. Here, 10 "older" moms confess what they grappled with through trying to conceive, pregnancy, and motherhood ... 

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    A tragic disaster is something none of us ever wants to pay witness to. But sometimes it's absolutely necessary to scare us into making changes that can preempt another horrible incident from occurring. That's exactly what Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Arnold Piedrahita believes -- and the reason why he recently shared surveillance footage of a toddler drowning at a Georgia mall.

    The video was taken last August when 2-year-old Alayna Ishmael wandered away from whoever was tasked with watching her, climbed into a water fountain at the mall, and nearly drowned. Thankfully, she was discovered, rescued, and survived

    Still, seeing the upsetting incident unfold is gut-wrenching, really almost unbearable to watch, but considering that drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children 1 to 4 years old, it also serves as a wake-up call. Watch below ...

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    Since wrapping the Fifty Shades of Grey film shoot in Vancouver, the cast and crew have kept pretty mum on what fans can expect. But when Dakota Johnson walked the red carpet at a Calvin Klein event in Singapore this week, she was kind enough to give into our desires and talk a little bit about the movie.

    And judging from what she divulged, it sounds like the movie's going to satisfy a lot of desires ... and as though it already has satisfied Dakota.

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