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Hi there. I'm Sheri -- one of the senior editors on The Stir, as well as a blogger and amateur photographer. I live in Northern California where I also work, watch birds, and raise two wild and wonderful boys with my husband.

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    Unfortunately, failure and setback are part of every person's journey through this life. No way around it. Gotta go through it. 

    However, just because you're experiencing a personal setback of sorts -- whether it's a breakup, a divorce, job loss, financial pitfalls, or just hard times in general -- it doesn't mean you are forever doomed to live beneath the pile of tissues and twisted sheets and dirty laundry you've buried yourself under. The setback is just where you are right this minute. It's not where you will always be. 

    So c'mon. Try to straighten your body out of fetal position. Maybe even lift a few of those snotty, tear-soaked tissues and walk them to the wastebasket. There you go. That's it. Baby steps. Baby steps to your very own comeback. Girl, it's gonna get better! And here are 13 inspiring quotes to light your way.

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    Sorry to interrupt this morning after The Good Wife and temporarily dislodge you from sobbing in fetal position, but OHMYGOD. I need to talk, people. Who wasn't shocked? I was shocked. My mind was blown (and my heart broken). I hate you, prime time bombshells.

    I know, I know. Some of you haven't watched yet. But if you did and you need to talk, keep reading. SPOILERS ahead.

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    Another day, another trip to buy a last-minute gift, am I right? It never fails. Every time I let my guard down and think I've finally got it all tapped, the jolt of panic hits -- "Oh crap! I haven't gotten a gift for so-and-so yet!" Of course, by then it's too late to order online, and I'm pretty sure I haven't enjoyed going to the mall since like 1986. So now what?

    Well, here's what I say. Don't underestimate your local drugstore. Beyond the decent bottles of wine, pricey liquors, and that rack of gift cards to pretty much anywhere (all good gifts in their own right), most drugstores have lots of nice gifts no one will guess came from the drugstore. 

    On The Prowl, we rounded up all kinds of fun presents just to show you the possibilities. Check out this preview of gift-worthy goods you can find right at your local drugstore.

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    Got small closet woes? Well, don't despair. There are lots of cool tricks for making your closet bigger. Alright, alright, these tips won't magically make your closet physically bigger for reals. However, they WILL allow you to fit in a lot more clothes and accessories and shoes and stuff, and that's what counts, right?

    Over on The Prowl, we rounded up all kinds of smart tools and solutions for maximizing closet space. Check out this sneak peek of cool, space-saving ideas and finally get more out of that closet of yours, little as she may be.

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    The newly heartbroken have enough to endure around Valentine's Day without having to deal with the rest of us rubbing their noses in a bunch of sparkly pink, heart-shaped crap. For just this reason, over on The Prowl, we've asked everyone to help round up the best gift ideas for friends and loved ones who find their hearts blackened with the horror, hate, and despair of a fresh breakup on February 14.

    Here's a sneak peek at 9 of the best anti-Valentine's Day gifts for the heartbroken.

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