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I'm a liberal, geeky, pierced and tattooed, earth-loving Pagan. My loves in life, aside from my two exceptionally wonderful children, include coffee, teas, and a wide variety of movies, TV shows and books, but mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I'm a proud kitty-mommy to my beautiful Egyptian Mau, Isis and take pet care about as seriously as kid care. I dabble in graphic design, amateur photography, blogging and am forever researching and aspire to eventually get a grade for my autodidactic obsession.

Sipping on:

A super-sized vanilla latte or a warm mug of Oregon Chai.

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    No parent wants to bury a child. No parent should have to. But for couple Trevor Merrill and Echo Nielsen, that nightmare has happened not once, but twice.

    Their first child died in 2003, but now, after their second baby, 3-month-old Kayson, died in 2006, the couple has been fighting charges of "child abuse homicide" and "reckless endangerment." The Utah Court of Appeals has refused to dismiss these charges. The couple has been accused of murdering their baby while sleeping with his parents in their bed -- the same place their first child died as well.

    The thing is, even in the brief description of the case I can find, there's plenty of other potential factors at fault here, especially when they can't prove it was co-sleeping.

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    Often I enjoy writing because I can go back and edit, reread things and find a meaning I didn't intend and fix it, and so forth. But with things like, well, speaking or fast-paced Twitter, editing can't or doesn't happen.

    But I bet NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne is sure wishing he had an edit button after he tweeted not one, not two, but three negative comments in a row about a nursing mom in a grocery store, and then called a Twitter follower and fan of his a pretty nasty name when she tried to call him on it.


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    It's no secret that Lactivism, or breastfeeding activism, gets on the nerves of some people, but it's such an important message to get out there. Breastfeeding is normal, it's what we're made for, and really, breastfeeding moms would just like to be left alone. It warms my heart, though, whenever the community comes together to show that there are lots of us, and we won't stand to be harassed. And yesterday, hundreds (maybe even thousands) of women did just that when they attended the national Target Nurse-In at over 250 Target stores across the country yesterday to say, "Hey, we ain't gonna take it!"

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  • New Disney Princess Doesn't Worry Me One Bit

    posted by Christie Haskell December 28, 2011 at 10:48 PM in Toddler
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    Unlike a lot of my friends, I'm not an anti-princess mom. Or even an anti-Disney mom. Which is why when I heard that Disney is coming out with Sofia the First -- aimed at 2 to 7 year olds -- in which the main character is a little girl, I smiled, rather than sharpened my pitchfork.

    But let me clarify.

    Actually, I'll let Einstein do it for me:

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    I buy organic milk with no added DHA or ARA or bovine growth hormone, and mostly organic produce -- local, if at all possible. I make most of my food from scratch. I don't do baby food. I would never buy Lucky Charms for my kids. I have brands I refuse to buy, no matter what they make. I make these choices for my family for my own reasons. I have a lot of friends who make similar choices, along with their own "nevers" and things they buy that I wouldn't. But I don't judge them on their choices.

    However, I have found that a lot of people seem to not only turn their food choices into a competition, but they also get very offended when you mention your own choices, and treat you like you're trying to be a show-off. This is my life and how I choose to do things for my family ... it has nothing to do with anyone else.

    Plus, I am always happy to learn ways to improve what I do ... but I reserve the right to take it under consideration and still choose my way!

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