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It's a hard life, but somebody's got to get paid to eat—and, that's just what Kim Conte has been doing for the last 10+ years. Career highlights include: reviewing 30 late-night restaurants in seven days; eating 16 different bread puddings in one weekend; and posting more one-pot recipes than ever thought possible. Her not-so-secret food crushes are Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, and truffle salt. She wants to be Giada De Laurentiis when she grows up.

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I kicked the Starbucks addiction but now have an annoying Dunkin' Donuts habit ... baby steps.

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    We're always so quick to try the newest diet or embark on an expensive cleanse in an effort to be healthy and look our best. But sometimes the secret to a healthy, attractive body is right in front of our faces, and we didn't even know it. Don't you hate when that happens?

    This new study out of Britain is one of those that seems completely obvious, but most of us could still probably learn from it. It suggests that the secret to healthy, glowing skin comes not from expensive creams or trendy treatments, but rather something much more boring and accessible -- eating fruit and vegetables. Really, it couldn't be more common sensical. Yet, how many of us opt for the burger over the salad?

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    While most of us are using Facebook to post yet another photo of our dog or wish someone we haven't talked to since high school the happiest of birthdays, the FBI is using it for a much higher purpose: It's asking users to help catch an alleged killer.

    The agency posted a wanted poster on its Facebook page for a 22-year-old man who is wanted for allegedly stealing $2.3 million out of his employer’s armored car and fatally shooting an employee. It's like a digital edition of America's Most Wanted. And, given the power of social media these days, this guy doesn't have a prayer.

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    For people who love food, Mario Batali is worthy of idol status. He's disgustingly rich and famous, his restaurants are some of the best in the world, his recipes are to die for, he's brilliant on TV, he's BFFs with Gwyneth. He's made so many people happy simply by "feeding" them -- both literally and metaphorically -- that it comes as something of a shock to read the headlines today: Batali has agreed to pay $5.25 million to resolve a lawsuit filed on behalf his employees who claimed that his restaurants had illegally confiscated part of their tips to supplement their profits. Suddenly this "idol" seems anything but.

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    A mother of two in Detroit who won $1 million in the state lottery last September may be the most hated woman on the Internet this morning. That's because despite her big win -- after taxes she took home about $500,000 -- until very recently, she's still been receiving $200 a month in food stamps to feed her and her children. The mom bought a new home and car with her winnings and says she's still "struggling," which is why she continued to receive state assistance:

    "I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn't I thought maybe it was OK because I'm not working ... I feel that it's OK because I have no income, and I have bills to pay. I have two houses."

    For the many, many people who also are struggling but haven't won the lottery, that's a really difficult statement to swallow. But this woman doesn't need our judgement and hate. What she really needs is: help.

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    It's nerve-racking enough to think about your boss looking at your Facebook profile (what if he/she doesn't think that photo of your dog wearing a sweater is as funny as you do?). But now comes news of a trend that's even more alarming: Some employers are actually asking their employees for their Facebook passwords so they can have unlimited access to their accounts. The practice is most common among potential employers and colleges requiring such information from applicants. But there's one report of an employee at the Maryland Department of Corrections who was asked for his password after working there for several years, and, likely, there are others.

    Can you imagine having to hand over such private information? My blood is boiling at the very thought!

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