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    This chocolatey fall dessert is a perfect combination of yellow cake and pumpkin bread. Usually, when you think of pumpkin cake, you can't quite separate it from the denseness of pumpkin bread, but this recipe has seamlessly combined the best of both desserts. You get the moistness and fall flavor from the pumpkin puree and the spongy cake like quality from the yellow cake mix.

    As an added bonus, there are little chocolate nuggets of joy (chocolate chips) dispersed throughout the cake, which make it even more of a delicious treat. And drizzled on top is a delectable chocolate ganache that is so simple to make. All you have to do is throw the ingredients for the ganache in the microwave, and ta-da, you've got a mouth-watering glaze. Now go and enjoy this amazing autumn treat!

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    There's no better way to say, "Look at me! I'm a jaunty mother trucker!" than with a fedora. The trendy hat has been around for decades, but now that the cools have taken hold on them, you can be sure you'll see the hip two-gallon hats everywhere this summer, and it's time you got in on the fun.

    Not sure where to start? Here's a handy dandy guide to the dos and don'ts on fedoras with some convenient shopping tips thrown in, too.

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    You may love cooking mouthwatering mac 'n' cheese and delicious brownies in your Crock-Pot, but did you know that slow-cooker of yours is also great for non-food recipes? Yup, this amazing countertop machine is even more multifaceted than you thought. Check out these 6 D.I.Y. projects your Crock-Pot can whip up in no time.

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    The greatest achievement for most 13-year-olds usually involves a good grade in school, or making a competitive sports team, or beating some "important" level in a video game. But Hunter Stewart isn't your average teen. By the age of 10, his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, twice, and the effect it had on Hunter was profound ... and profoundly inspiring.

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    As our sons grow from boys to men, it's important to make sure they have all the tools they need to blossom into those fully functioning adult males we've heard so many wonderful rumors about. That doesn't just mean a fully stocked fridge and gas money, there are some life lessons they should learn along the way that will help them become a solid individual.

    We've already covered the girls, now it's the boys turn. Here are 8 things your teenage son needs to know how to do before leaving the nest.

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