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I'm a journalist by training, blogger by choice, and mom of two hilarious, awesome, kind of insane kids. The kids and I live in Detroit (come visit, we're having a moment) in an 83-year-old house with their dad/my husband, three cats and one dog. I would enjoy reading, gardening and sewing poorly but enthusiastically in my spare time if I had any.

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    Most dog owners consider their pets members of the family, and some (mostly people without children) consider them the same as actual children. So the idea of leaving Mr. Sniffles in a kennel while your family sees the world can be as horrible as the idea of leaving your child with a bowl of kibble and a bunch of water while the rest of you vacation.

    Of course, traveling with dogs adds another wrinkle to the already complicated process of traveling with children, so being prepared before you hit the road is key. Here are some tips to ensure happy trails for you and your pooch.

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    One of the most amazing moments of my wedding was when my husband's tux lost a button. Our friend, who had already McGuyvered about 18 other things, produced a sewing kit from his pocket and sewed it back on. I didn't think guys knew how to do that!

    Well, this hot dad in the video below does, and he looks mighty fine doing it. It's super impressive, on a lot of levels. Check it out below.

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    I generally don't enjoy summer vacation, but the best part is getting a break from packing lunches every single night.

    I'd enjoy the break from lunch packing even more if I had a dad like the one in the video below doing it for me. He's so hot, he even has to take his shirt off, something I am sure his wife appreciates (and not just from the laundry standpoint, if you know what I mean).

    And not only is he sexy, he's also quite sweet. Check him out below.

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    "Family road trip." Those words can strike fear into the hearts of almost any parent...the endless rounds of "are we THERE YET??", the sudden demand to pee 5 miles after the last rest stop and 50 miles until the next one, and the constant sibling fight refereeing will test the most saintly parent's patience.

    Of course, it is also a ton of fun discovering new places or visiting old favorite haunts with your family. To make your road trip less stressful and more fun, here are five apps that will help you find gas at a decent price, fuel up your kids for free, find kid-friendly parks anywhere you go, navigate our national parks (or just dream of doing so) and find out how far away the nearest rest stop is.

    Image via Steve Wilson/Flickr

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    Everybody thinks they are a much better driver than everybody else on the road ... but most of us make our share of mistakes, from glancing at texts to changing lanes without signaling. But, as summer travel season kicks into gear, it's all the more important to be the best driver you can be to keep you, your kids, and everybody else's kids safe on the road.

    1) Don't drive distracted. You'd never dream of driving drunk or high, putting your kids in the car without a safe car seat, or even speeding. But most of us make the ultimate dangerous mistake: letting our attention wander from the task of piloting two tons of glass and steel carrying our most precious loved ones.

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