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I'm a journalist by training, blogger by choice, and mom of two hilarious, awesome, kind of insane kids. The kids and I live in Detroit (come visit, we're having a moment) in an 83-year-old house with their dad/my husband, three cats and one dog. I would enjoy reading, gardening and sewing poorly but enthusiastically in my spare time if I had any.

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    One of the most amazing moments of my wedding was when my husband's tux lost a button. Our friend, who had already McGuyvered about 18 other things, produced a sewing kit from his pocket and sewed it back on. I didn't think guys knew how to do that!

    Well, this hot dad in the video below does, and he looks mighty fine doing it. It's super impressive, on a lot of levels. Check it out below.

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    I generally don't enjoy summer vacation, but the best part is getting a break from packing lunches every single night.

    I'd enjoy the break from lunch packing even more if I had a dad like the one in the video below doing it for me. He's so hot, he even has to take his shirt off, something I am sure his wife appreciates (and not just from the laundry standpoint, if you know what I mean).

    And not only is he sexy, he's also quite sweet. Check him out below.

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    Middle-of-the-night feedings are one of those things that usually don't last long, in the grand scheme of parenting, but feel like they last forever. Most of us develop the skill of feeding a baby more or less in our sleep...and we learn exactly how little sleep we need to function when we have babies that are up three times a night for 15 months. Not that I had one of those or anything.

    If you're lucky enough to have a supportive partner, you quickly learn that any love note he may have written to you pales in comparison to the words "you sleep, I'll take care of the baby." That's what makes this hot dad in the video below hot...he doesn't even check his wife for fake-sleeping (come on, we've all done it) or attempt to nudge her awake before getting out of bed and scooping up the baby from his cradle, heating up a bottle, and feeding the adorable little punkin', cuddling all the while. Watch below and see if you're not a little googly-eyed after.

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    It's kind of humiliating when your partner has better housekeeping skills than you do. I mean, I am all for equal sharing of household duties and do, in fact, split things with my husband pretty fairly. But I was raised to do housekeeping chores and, as the state of his bachelor-pad apartment would suggest, he's had to learn.

    So when a guy does something housewife-ish a million times better than me, it's a little embarrassing. At least the hot dad in the video below looks amazing while he does it. Check it out below.

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    Ugh, the dreaded task of cleaning the minivan...plowing through the mess of school papers, spilled fishy crackers and general kid detritus, and maybe even finding out the horrifying answer to "what's that SMELL?" (an abandoned sippy full of milk, in our case, that sat under the seat for I don't even want to know how long...)

    So if your man will do it for you, that's a big gift. And if he looks like this hot dad in the video below and takes his shirt off while he does it, it's an even bigger one. But it's what he does in the back seat that is astonishingly hot. Check it out:

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