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I know how to spatchcock a chicken, build a tomato cage out of chicken wire, and shoot a bow and arrow. I've lived in New York City for almost 20 years, which makes me official. Before joining The Stir I contributed to blogs like Civil Eats and One Little Bite. I lean in because I'm hard of hearing.


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    You know that song by The Who that goes, "Hope I die before I get old ..."? No? That's probably because you're not old. But you probably get the sentiment, anyway. Most of us don't want to die young. But we're not too excited about growing old, either. In fact, one man just wrote about why he hopes he'll die at a younger age -- seriously.

    The writer, Ezekiel Emanuel, is an expert in medical ethics, so you'd better believe he's given this a lot of thought. He's also the father of three daughters. Going by his photo, he looks like a happy, well-adjusted guy. Heck, he just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his nephews. So what's his hurry?

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    I never thought falling in love would affect my parenting.

    A little over two years ago, when I first split from my then-husband, I had a vision for my life. I would spend the next several years doting on my darling son, puttering around my garden, and enjoying the peace of solitary life. I would remain as chaste as the Virgin Mary. And he would have all of my attention.

    How was I supposed to know love would find me again quickly, toss me upside-down, and turn me into the most distracted, half-assed mother ever?

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    When was the last time a photo of skeletons gave you the warm-fuzzies? Never? Ordinarily finding someone's bony remains would give you the chills. But when a team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester dug out a lost chapel in the English countryside, they unearthed a 700-year-old skeleton couple still holding hands, and it's the most adorable thing ever.

    You guys.

    There's just something so sweet about that. Don't you agree? If you're in love right now, you have to admit: Spending eternity with your fingers entwined with your beloved's sounds terribly romantic. Er ... in a morbid kind of way.

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    Ever have those days when you wanted to tell your kids, "Get your own darn dinner!" I think we all know how that would end up: They'd grab themselves a nice, big bowl of ice cream and be done with it. But the next best thing is a slow-cooker meal all ready to go by the time the kids want to eat -- one they can literally serve themselves. Magic!

    These self-serve Crock-Pot recipes are also handy if you have children coming and going at different times, which is a reality for a lot of families -- especially during the school year.

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    I want to start by saying NO ONE is actually serious about this "jewelry" -- it's just a silly fashion stunt. Silly? Gross is more like it. At a fashion show in London, designer Meadham Kirchhoff put a "bloody" tampon earring on a model and sent her down the runway. Ew, right? WHY???

    The blood on the earring wasn't real. So at least there's that.

    Kirchhoff's does "punk-style" designs that are meant to be provocative, so the earring fit right in. The invites to the fashion show read, "Reject Everything!" "Okay!" said everyone. "We're definitely rejecting that earring."

    That said, you obviously want to see what we're talking about.

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