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I know how to spatchcock a chicken, build a tomato cage out of chicken wire, and shoot a bow and arrow. I've lived in New York City for almost 20 years, which makes me official. Before joining The Stir I contributed to blogs like Civil Eats and One Little Bite. I lean in because I'm hard of hearing.


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    How do you feel when you look in the mirror? When I look, the first thing I zero in on is my flaws. My eyes always seem to look tired. I have those worry lines between my brows. Speaking of brows, mine are way overdue for grooming. And is that a zit trying to grow there on my chin? I woke up like this. SIGH.

    Looking in the mirror is one of the first things we do in the morning, and that moment often decides how we feel about ourselves for the rest of the day. How do we turn around that instant so we feel great about ourselves instead of bad?

    One band in Austin, Texas decided to take on that challenge. The Mrs. set up a mirror in a shopping mall and invited women to take a look at themselves in a project they're promoting with the hashtag "#imEnough." What happened next will definitely change how you feel the next time YOU look in the mirror.

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    There's something scary a lot of women do, whether we're in a new relationship or we've been married for years: We imagine how it will all end. Maybe it's how he'll die tragically in an accident, or maybe he's going to cheat on you, you're sure of it. But we carry around these fears and we let them torture us.

    Can you relate? Do you do that, too?

    Going there every once in a while isn't such a big deal. Everyone does it. But for some of us, these dark fantasies become obsessions, and they can lead us to some irrational, undermining actions. Our fears can end up ruining our relationships.

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    We’re all for trying new things in the bedroom. But sometime those "exciting" sex positions we read about? Yeah … they’re not so sexy in real life. You know it's too complicated when you feel like you’re both about to fall over on your faces. And the ones that twist you up into a pretzel and pull a muscle? Ouch! Is this yoga class or sex?!?

    No one knows this better than Cosmo – the magazine that’s been churning out zany sex tips stories for decades. So who better to make fun of Karma Sutra disasters? The magazine got a couple to try out Cosmo sex positions IN PUBLIC. And they took video of the whole thing!

    Don’t worry, it’s actually safe for work. And you're definitely going to want to see the spectacle.

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    I'm generally a happy person. I set my intentions every morning to practice patience and compassion. And most of the time, I roll with whatever comes my way.

    But I have my triggers. Moms, do you know what I'm talking about? It happens when you're at your weakest. You're exhausted, you've had a frustrating day, and someone (probably some little person) pushes you a hair too far and YOU LOSE IT.

    It's okay. We all do it from time to time. That's why you'll love this supercut video of lady rage -- women in TV and movies unleashing their fury. You're gonna want to bookmark this one!

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    Since when does a BEER commercial make us cry? Budweiser's "Friends Are Waiting" ad against drunk driving marking Global Be(er) Responsible Day has utterly melted my heart into a puddle of sticky goo. And it'll do the same to yours when you see it. Why? Because it's about a hot guy and his lovable, loyal dog, that's why.

    No, it's more than that. The ad starts when the guy's dog is just a puppy. You see that adorable pup grow and bond with Mr. Cute (to the croonings of songwriter Dan Rodriguez). There is so much sun-lit love here between man and dog, it'll make you swoon. Then one day, Mr. Cute heads out the door with a six-pack of beer and a gang of his friends, telling his dog, "I'll see you later, buddy." What happens next will make your heart stop.

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