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I'm a single mom and a blogger which means trouble. Before joining The Stir I contributed to blogs like Civil Eats and One Little Bite. I know how to spatchcock a chicken, split an infinitive with insouciance, build a tomato cage out of chicken wire, and shoot a bow and arrow. I've lived in New York City for almost 20 years, which makes me official. I lean in because I'm hard of hearing.


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    You've been dating someone special for a while now, and it's definitely going somewhere. In fact, it's going so well you've lost interest in the other guys you were maybe dating. You're telling your girlfriends about him and you stop just short of calling him your boyfriend because ... is he your boyfriend yet? And if you've stopped dating other guys, has he stopped dating other women, too? Lady, it's time to Define The Relationship -- also known as the "what are we" talk. And it's not as hard as it seems.

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    I love those marshmallow Peeps as much as the next person. But have you ever had a homemade marshmallow? Oh man, they're outrageously soft and wonderful. If you're up for it, making your own Peeps is definitely worth the effort. You can even customize them with your own flavors -- you're limited just by your imagination! It's not that hard, either. Here's 6 steps for making your very own marshmallow Peeps.

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    Dyeing Easter eggs: It's such a simple idea. You dunk boiled eggs into colored water. They dry. And you get a beautiful rainbow of colored orbs. SO WHY DOES SO MUCH GO WRONG? Some of you manage egg dyeing with no problem. The rest of us struggle every year with the unfortunate condition known as Easter Egg Fail. Here are the 8 most common failures -- and what you can do to either prevent them or repair the damage.

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    When it comes to finding the right schools for kids with challenges like autism, often it's not bullying by other kids that we have to worry about; it's bullying by adults who just don't understand how these special conditions affect kids. One mom made that heart-sinking discovery when she enrolled her son with autism in a small, private Catholic school.

    "We couldn't think of a better place for our son," Diane Lang writes in a heartbreaking blog post, "How Do We Determine the Worth of a Child?" Lang believed the school's Christian values and supportive community would provide exactly the environment her son needed, "where kindness and compassion were paramount." Over time, though, it all fell apart.

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    Almost everyone is thrilled when the Easter candy starts rolling into stores -- everyone except people with peanut allergies (and their parents). For these folks the Easter basket is a receptacle of anaphylactic shock waiting to happen. So many classic candies are made in a factory that processes nuts. It's kind of a bummer! What's a candy lover with nut and other allergies supposed to do? Well, the good news is it's entirely possible to build an allergen-free Easter basket. You just have to be a little more creative and a whole lot more careful. Here are a few tips.

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