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I am a mother, runner, wife, editor, and writer. My work has appeared in The New York Times, Parents, Parenting, Runner's World, and many other publications over the years. I also make a mean margarita and run races (everything from 5Ks to marathons).

I live outside of New York City with my husband, three kids (7, 5, and 4 months), a corpulent cat, and a chihuahua with emotional issues.

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    Soon after marrying my husband, it became abundantly clear that there are two types of people in this world: those who hire help, and those who don't. My husband's family fell into the latter category. They orchestrated moves from house to house themselves, did all their own cleaning and gardening, fixed appliances, sewed clothing, and even handled their own plumbing. In my family, we hired people to do everything.

    When we were first married, this disparity caused huge fights for us, but after living together since 2001, we have wised up a bit. As both of our careers have become busier and we have had one, two, then three children, it's become clear that some household needs simply have to be outsourced.

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    Laundry is one of those chores most of us loathe. Let's face it: There's not much to get excited about when it comes to lugging piles of clothing from your bedroom floor to your basement, dealing with stains of unknown origin and then, perhaps worst of all, spending hours re-folding it all, putting it back in the drawers and waiting for it to happen all over again. It's a bummer of a chore made worse depending on how many members of your family there are.

    I know in my family of five, it finally became impossible to keep up with and we were forced to hire some of it out. For those who are unable (or unwilling to do that) there are hacks. SO MANY HACKS, in fact.

    It's actually kind of incredible how many unique ways there are to get certain stains out using only household products. Anyone who does laundry on a regular basis will love these 10 amazing laundry hacks and tricks for getting stains out. Make sure to keep it handy for when you need it!

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    There's a lot of talk about what you should and shouldn't do in front of your spouse -- and how much privacy to give each other in marriage. The truth is, the best marriages I know have very low expectations when it comes to all that.

    If that seems counter to everything you've ever heard about "two becoming one in marriage," it is. But also, it isn't.

    Two DO become one when they commit to spend the rest of their lives together. But no one is expecting two different people to blend into one another so completely that neither is a whole person anymore. The reality is, marriage is compromise and more than that, it's an endless exercise in truth-telling. If you can't be yourself in front of your spouse -- the one you live with and see day in and day out, the one who sees sides of you no one else ever will -- then who can you be yourself with? 

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    The musical Hair once celebrated hair that grew "long as God could grow it." For most of us, especially if you are in your mid-30s or older, that's simply too long. Anything longer than my shoulder blades feels sinfully youthful and perhaps unflattering. But when is the best time of year to get your hair chopped? If you only get one professional cut a year, when should that be?

    It turns out: RIGHT NOW. Or at least in the next few weeks.

    "The best and most exciting time to get a haircut is in the fall," says Rodney Cutler, owner of the New York-based Cutler Salons. "It's a great time to give your hair a boost of TLC after the summer damage from sun, salt, and being outdoors. Also, I find that most clients are ready for a change this time of year."

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    There is a new kind of food fight out there, married couples, and it doesn't involve the throwing of apples or oranges. It's "hanger." And it's real.

    Have you ever been with your husband at 2:00 in the afternoon on the weekend and all of a sudden, apropos of nothing, he's just PISSED?! For us it happens when we have fed the kids, but there is nothing left in the house for us to eat and both of us are too lazy to grab take out. Like clockwork, the Hulk makes an appearance.

    "WHY ARE THE LIGHTS ON AGAIN?!" my husband might scream out of nowhere, his usual polite demeanor becoming a distant memory, veins bulging in his neck, face red. If he were a cartoon, steam would be coming out of his ears. For years, I have wondered what was wrong with this man.

    Now I have an answer: He was "hangry."

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