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I am a mother, runner, wife, editor, and writer. My work has appeared in The New York Times, Parents, Parenting, Runner's World, and many other publications over the years. I also make a mean margarita and run races (everything from 5Ks to marathons).

I live outside of New York City with my husband, two kids (Sam, 6, and Alan, 4), a corpulent cat, and a chihuahua with emotional issues.

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    Farrah Abraham was once a teen mom of MTV's Teen Mom. Now she is a porn star turned Hollywood party girl who just can't resist shilling for any product who will take her and trying to get the attention of any star who will have her. The word pathetic comes to mind, but it might be too kind.

    The latest video Farrah has released is all about her hair. Hoping to get some "secrets" to fabulous hair, I watched it and guess what? Her secret is a product called Easilocks. These human hair extensions work by bonding to the natural hair and locking it into place. PRETTY.

    You, too, can look just like Farrah Abraham. And what a look it is.

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    Amanda @TrappedAtMyDesk was like many young women with her Twitter account. She had good days and bad days. She asked inane questions and made funny jokes. She had 700+ followers. And then, last year, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. By April, "Amanda," who may or may not be a real person, was dead.

    In the last week, a social media expert named Shannon McKarney created a video of her tweets set to the song "Let Her Go" by Passenger. Warning: It's a tearjerker.

    Her tweets are beautiful and deep, especially at the end. One can't help but be moved by what appears to be a young, vibrant person taken too soon. Is it true? Maybe not. But in the end, it doesn't matter. The sentiment is. The "truth" of it is there, even if she is fictional. See below:

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    A 44-year-old woman shopper, a 20-year-old supermarket employee, and the gunman are all dead after a horrific shooting Wednesday evening at an Indiana supermarket. The entire thing happened around 10 p.m. -- typically a quiet time to shop. Now there are three people dead, and while police haven't released the motive, the town is obviously reeling.

    Of course, this isn't even close to the first tragedy of its kind this week. Shootings are sadly becoming the norm. The Martin's Super Market shooting comes on the heels of the horrible school shooting in New Mexico and the shooting death of a young father for texting during a movie in Florida. When does it end?

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    Poor Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame is experiencing the joy that every woman who has ever had a fetus pass through her belly has also experienced. The judgement. This week, Jenelle was slammed on Twitter for using anti-nausea drugs while pregnant with her second baby. 

    The drug Jenelle was taking -- Zofran -- is a Class B drug, considered OK for pregnancy and is recommended to mothers who are suffering from morning sickness. Personally, I had never had that until my third pregnancy, but once I got it, holy HELL was it awful. I ultimately beat it without drugs, but I would not blame a woman for wanting to take something. It's like being imprisoned in your own skin and being unable to escape the sickness. In short: It's awful.

    But poor Jenelle is not taking it any more. See what she says below:

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    Every woman who has been out in the dating world has expectations about the kind of man she will end up with. I know when I was dating, I had a rough plan. I wanted a man who valued education, who did a job he was passionate about (not a "living for the weekends" kind of man) and who was relatively active. But one of the fastest things I learned was that my vague expectations that were not especially specific, were actually GOOD.

    There are many (too many) women who have specific, high-minded expectations that are often the reason they end up alone. They have a "dream man" who went to a specific school, makes a specific salary, has a specific gourmet touch, and does so many specific things, that there is no room for any REAL man to compete.

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