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I am a mother, runner, wife, editor, and writer. My work has appeared in The New York Times, Parents, Parenting, Runner's World, and many other publications over the years. I also make a mean margarita and run races (everything from 5Ks to marathons).

I live outside of New York City with my husband, three kids (7, 5, and 4 months), a corpulent cat, and a chihuahua with emotional issues.

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    Sleep is one of the most important things we do in a 24-hour period. Without sleep, we would wither away and go insane.

    Unfortunately, it is also the one thing that often falls by the wayside. Who can sleep when there are TV shows to binge-watch, work to accomplish, laundry to be done, and children to tend to all day long? As parents, we especially get the short end of the sleep stick since we are often up with children at night or desperately clinging to the shreds of private time we get between their bedtime and ours.

    Who could sleep through that? And yet, we know how important sleep is. We know that so many diseases and problems are prevented by getting proper sleep. The question is, how do we do it? We gathered 10 sleep hacks guaranteed to get you the rest you deserve. How delicious!

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    When you tell people you work from home, the reaction is often varied. Most people say how jealous they are and how they wish they could find a gig like that -- and by the way, do you get to run to Target in the middle of the day because you are "working"? The other half often say they could never do it themselves. "I'd be too distracted," they say.

    Neither group has it quite right.

    Working from home IS hard. I speak from experience: I'm a WAHM. And no, I don't get to run to Target -- or anywhere else -- most days. I roll out of bed, open my computer, and my day has begun. Very often I am still typing late into the night. Yeah, that whole "work-life balance" thing? Doesn't really happen when your work is in the same place as your play.

    It's hard to work from home, but there are some great perks. And there are things WAHMs can do to keep it running smoothly. Here are 7 tips for work-from-home moms that have been my own lessons learned.

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    How do you poop? I know, I know, it's a horrifying, disgusting question that no one wants to answer, but it's also a key part of our health -- and 99 percent of us are probably doing it wrong.

    The fact is, toilets are a modern construct that come from our collective shame about bodily function. We SHOULD be squatting in the fields to eliminate waste, and if we did, we'd all be a lot happier.

    Gross, right? Yes. But our bodies are not designed to sit on the porcelain throne. Just look at the fact that 50 percent of Americans suffer from hemorrhoids. It's a terrible thought, but the reality is far worse. Trust me.

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    An engagement ring is probably the most important gift a woman ever receives in her life, and what she chooses (assuming it is up to her) says an enormous amount about who she is. 

    While a more traditional woman might choose to go the diamond route, there are really hundreds of options when it comes to an engagement ring and equally as many ways to express our individuality through it.

    When I got engaged in 2002, there were a lot fewer choices than there are now. Maybe I would have done it all differently had I known how many variations were out there!

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    There's a popular myth out there, perpetuated by many women -- including the latest by Jessica Simpson -- that husbands "love us at any size." It's true. They do.

    Simpson recently said about her husband Eric Johnson that "he has seen me at every size and he loves me no matter what." Sweet words, right?

    But love is something you give a puppy, a child, a close friend, even a brother or a sister. LOVE in marriage is all tied up with those emotions, PLUS a kick of lust to keep it interesting. So does he lust after you at any size?

    I don't know.

    Okay, okay, before you all pelt my head with tomatoes, I'll say this: LOVE is one thing. Yes, we love our spouses. Terribly, passionately, insanely. I would die without my husband and can scarcely sleep without him by my side. That would be true whether he were 200 pounds or 500 pounds.

    But would I lust after him at the much heavier weight?

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