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Before her blogging career, Gabrielle was designer and art director in New York. Now she gets her creative fix seeking out, writing about, or giving away all things well designed. If she's not online, you can find her dreaming of sugary treats and doing cool things with her family.

After 8 years in New York and a stopover in Colorado, she currently lives in the French countryside where she and Ben Blair are raising Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty & Flora June. And eating lots of cheese.

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    Discovering a nursery with bright green walls feels like a bit of a jackpot, because really, how often do you ever see such a thing? Tempered with gorgeous furniture finds, a mod rug, and the perfect kind of wallpaper, I think you'll agree that this nursery gives off happy vibes left and right. 

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    I've been seeing dark walls popping up everywhere and I have to say, I'm definitely digging the trend.  While they can seem heavy, if paired with the right accents, they add sophistication and drama. I'm not sure I would have considered such a feature for a nursery, but after seeing this nursery I'm totally on board.

    Take a look ...

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    Ultimately, the room you provide for your child should be a space for them to enjoy, but that doesn't mean toys and chaos. Not only does this happy girl's room have tons of fun little details (love that delightful red bed frame with its gold tipped knobs), but the storage ideas are subtle and stylish yet functional.

    Check them out.

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    I've always been a fan of Scandinavian style, and if they do one thing really well, it's making everything seem as light and bright as possible. We can thank all the white for that! This room for little Willa has some magical things going on -- from oddly angled ceilings to that lovely scalloped rug you can see above.

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    Those with multiple children know that every baby after first often gets the shaft when it comes to a special space to call their own. Second and third babies are the ones stashed in a bassinet beside Mom's bed for 6 months and then moved to a crib that is squeezed into a corner of big sister's room. A friend of mine's third baby slept in a swing for what seemed like an entire year!

    This is a nursery for a third child, and it's full of items that have been used in other rooms and for other functions, which in my opinion makes this little nursery all the more magical. Use what you have, add in a few new things where needed, and make it work beautifully. See more of this delightfully eclectic space below! 

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