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Jenny Erikson is a conservative chick with a strong opinion and a smart mouth. Sometimes sassy, sometimes sincere, always honest. She believes that ingenuity, elbow grease, and sheer determination can accomplish anything -- even motherhood.

Jenny also blogs at, and she lives in Southern California with her two daughters.

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    Kelly Ripa recently confessed one of her biggest challenges in motherhood -- hoarding her kids' stuff. The 43-year-old mom to three, Michael, 17, Lola, 13, and Joaquin, 11, told Vanity Fair that she's living a "bit of a nightmare" moving out of the family's NYC apartment. It seems as though she and her hubby Mark Consuelos have a hard time agreeing on what exactly they should keep when it comes to their kids' stuff.

    "Mark likes to throw everything away, and I want to save everything for when the kids are older one day," she said. "So, you know, they have their things, like their first report card, so it’s a constant struggle as to what we should toss versus what we should save."

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    We all let out a collective gasp on Monday night when Nick Viall called Andi Dorfman out for sleeping with him on their fantasy suite date on The Bachelorette. It was definitely one of the most shocking moments in "After the Final Rose" history, as the unspoken rule has always been -- what happens in the fantasy suites stays in the fantasy suites.

    Of course we all know that Andi ended up picking Josh Murray, despite whatever goings-on happened down in the Dominican Republic, but just because her "private" affairs became public doesn't give anyone a right to slam her. Fox News' Bob Beckel must not have gotten the memo, because he called Andi a slut during a recent episode of The Five.

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    Is it official yet? Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 1-year-old daughter North West the most spoiled baby on the planet? This is the infant with diamond earrings, remember. Please also don't forget about Kidchella, her first birthday party complete with ferris wheel.

    Anyway, Kim and North have been vacationing in Mexico at Joe Francis' house while Kanye works on his upcoming album, and life has been rough, man. Tanning is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Anyway, Kim and North wrapped up their adventure by taking a swim with some dolphins.

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    There are certain rules that should just never be broken, no matter how safe you think you are. Never look down the barrel of a gun is a good one. In fact, just always assume a gun is loaded. Another is to never cross a bridge of railroad tracks.

    Two Indiana women were caught on film earlier this month on an 80-foot-high railroad bridge by the camera of a freight train racing toward them. Panicked, they duck under the train as the whistle blows. Miraculously, neither woman was seriously injured, and both walked away from the scene.

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    Jenelle Evans has had her fair share of trouble with the law. This Teen Mom 2 star definitely has a shady past, complete with enough mugshots for a photo album. But ever since she and Nathan Griffith started dating in the spring of 2013, this former train wreck has really gotten her act together.

    She and Nathan even welcomed new baby Kaiser a month ago and seem to be doing great with him! So then why, oh goodness why ... is Jenelle encouraging people to drive dangerously?

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