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Brianne DiSylvester is a writer and editor living in NYC. Gourmet cooking on a budget and finding fashionista bargains are her Xanax.

She loves taking care of her baby...a Pomeranian named Mercutio and has an organic dog treat company, Get Lick'd. Her food blog, Get Fork'd, is all about easy, local and organic cooking and she can't live without a few main ingredients: salt, lemon, and butter.

Brianne has worked for Us Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Shecky's, The Knot, Ideal Bite, The Huffington Post, Moon Metro, Greenista, Sama Baby, Bambola Beauty, Hartz, and more.

Sipping on:

Peppermint Mocha...anytime of year and Italian Cream Sodas. Yum!

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    I'm chatting with food bloggers about their favorite foods and what's in their fridge ...

    This week, I interviewed S. J. Sebellin-Ross (who shall remain faceless) of Almost Vegetarian. In her quest to go vegetarian and also please her meat-eating hubby, she developed an almost vegetarian lifestyle. Find out what's in her super-clean fridge (I'm jealous), her guilty meat pleasure, and what dairy she won't buy.

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    These days, all that glitters doesn't have to be gold ... but it doesn't hurt either.

    As I mentioned back in June, sequins on clothes and accessories are hot right now and beauty products are getting in on the action, too. My favorite shimmery beauty products are subtle ones in nude or peachy hues with golden undertones.

    Check out the beauty products with serious sparkle that make my glowing review list.

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    Everywhere I look, I keep spotting backpacks. In the stores, on the streets, in mags.

    Remember back in the day when the tiny black backpack was like the coolest thing ever?

    Well, the LBB is making a comeback, along with other handy yet trendy packs. Just think, no hunched-over shoulder, no falling off when you bend over. It's a mom's dream come true, even with back-to-school days long gone.

    Check out my five top fave backpacks for almost every type of gal.

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    August is the hottest month of the summer ... and this summer is already a scorcher. The last thing I want to do is turn on my oven or stand over a burning hot stove. I can feel the sweat droplets forming just thinking about it. Elch!

    So my favorite thing to do in summer is throw monthly after-work parties out on my terrace. But this time around, I'm going to beat the heat with an all no-cook menu.

    See what I'll be serving up ...

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    Y'all know I love to cook.

    Going grocery shopping, not so much. But going to the farmers' market -- two thumbs up!

    Here I am at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. My boyfriend had to pull me away -- I could have spent our whole vacation there!

    If you don't already, I highly recommend shopping at your local market ... just check out my farmers' market checklist before you head out the door.



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