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    When we found out that we were pregnant with my son (now 4), my husband and I became one of those “new parent” couples. We researched together, shopped together, and made every choice surrounding the arrival of our new baby together. I’m talking right on down to the discussion of which wipes would "represent" the Thompson household.

    We went with Pampers if you were wondering. If there were an Amazing Race-like show that somehow incorporated preparing for a new baby, we would have been all over that. We were a team.

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    It's crazy how being in a relationship with a person we don't trust can turn us into a low-rent version of Sherlock Holmes. Micro expressions could be the key to figuring out if your man is cheating. The only problem? They are almost impossible to detect. But you can find them -- I certainly did.

    On the surface, my ex-boyfriend was a dream. He was the kind of guy your dad would clap on the shoulder upon meeting, liking him instantly. He made my mom giggle like a schoolgirl. And my mom? So not the giggly type. Even my girlfriends were in his thrall. Me? Well, for the first year we were together, I just felt so lucky that this charismatic, secure, hunky dude picked me that I never thought to second guess his intentions.

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    So, I still don’t fully understand the turn of events that caused this to occur, but somehow, it was decided spur-of-the-moment that my husband would drive our children to Michigan to visit their grandparents, and they would ALL STAY FOR A WEEK. In a different state. Where I am not. Like, all of them.

    Which left me … unsupervised.

    Which seemed like it should be TOTALLY AWESOME PARTY TIME. I’ve never been unsupervised for a week before ever. In my whole entire life. 

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    My husband Tim told me our local Little League would like to name a sportsmanship award for our son Jack, who died in a freak accident in 2011 at just 12 years old. Right after I spit out my tea in surprise, I paused to think about whether this would be an appropriate way to honor our son. You see, sportsmanship did not come naturally for Jack.

    But really, I cannot think of a more fitting tribute.

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    Look, we get that breaking the ice isn't always easy to do. Forget singles at bars -- it seems even scarier when trying to "pick up" a fellow mom friend at the store! Who can be witty and charming when you're cleaning up spilled goldfish crackers from Aisle 10? Here are a few sincere “pick-up lines” that have worked for real moms -- use them the next time you see a kindred spirit at the store, park, or anywhere else.

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