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I'm a registered Independent -- too fiscally conservative to be a Democrat (or a Republican, it would seem), too socially liberal to be a Republican, and too grounded in reality to be a Libertarian. I'm also a mom of three, a military veteran, an atheist, a recovering alcoholic, a 70.3 triathlete, and I miss Tim Russert every day.

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    Now that both the Republican and the Democratic National Conventions have wrapped up, I don't even need to look at the polls to see which party enjoyed the greater bounce. All I had to do was watch the conventions themselves.

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    Last night, Former President Bill Clinton nominated Barack Obama for president and addressed the Democratic National Convention. For 48 minutes. It was an exceptionally long speech, but he had a lot of ground to cover.

    Full disclosure: I'm not a fan. I harbor lingering resentment of President Clinton for his efforts to avoid military service and for his treatment of women in his personal life, including his wife. But over the years, I have gained a grudging admiration for the many ways in which he has served (and continues to serve) his country.

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    Congressman Todd Akin really stepped in it this time. Politicians make utterly ridiculous (and often blatantly, demonstrably false) statements all the time, but Akin's assertions regarding legitimate rape might even top President Clinton's bluster about how he did not have sexual relations with that woman.

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    It appears that one of the primary reasons Democrats are so tickled by the selection of Congressman Ryan as Governor Romney's vice presidential pick is that "he's known as the 'Kill Medicare!' guy." In 2008, Senator McCain creamed President Obama in the 65+ demographic. With Ryan on the Republican ticket, Obama might have a fighting chance with seniors this year.

    That's one assumption. The other assumption is that Ryan (and by extension, Romney -- is that the tail wagging the dog, I see?) really intends to purposefully kill Medicare.

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    Welcome to the 2012 Presidential Melee, Congressman Paul Ryan! You are a sight for sore eyes, and not just because yours are so big and blue.

    You're a fiscal conservative, I hear. No, really. Unlike the rest of your GOP colleagues in Congress, you actually want to cut spending. Mostly. Except for that whole TARP business, where you voted against your principles to preserve your principles. Sounds like the sort of logic my 4-year-old uses, but it's kind of cool to realize that he's already qualified to serve in Congress.

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