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I'm a registered Independent -- too fiscally conservative to be a Democrat (or a Republican, it would seem), too socially liberal to be a Republican, and too grounded in reality to be a Libertarian. I'm also a mom of three, a military veteran, an atheist, a recovering alcoholic, a 70.3 triathlete, and I miss Tim Russert every day.

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    The president has been re-elected, Governor Romney gave a gracious concession speech, and Republicans across the country persist in leaping to the worst of conclusions and losing their ever-loving minds.

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    Last night's presidential debate differed dramatically from the first in many ways. First, moderator Candy Crowley was engaged and in control, despite both candidates' overages, interruptions, cherry-picking, and exaggerations. Second, President Obama himself was engaged and in control. He made some truly brilliant points and articulated some thoughtful rebuttals.

    Governor Romney remained much the same -- same expression, same manner, and same fictitious talking points that ought to have been fact-checked out of his arsenal by now. But he did touch on a point that he'd previously outsourced to his wife, Ann: Women.

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    Last night's presidential debate at the University of Denver was an exercise in futility, both for viewers and moderator Jim Lehrer. I couldn't Google fast enough to make sense of all the claims and accusations that flew fast and furious between President Obama and Governor Romney.

    It seems I wasn't alone though; Thursday morning's news has brought forth a slew of fact check articles. Apparently even the professionals needed a few hours to suss out the exaggerations and outright falsehoods.

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    Last week I watched Jon Stewart on The Daily Show absolutely skewer Mitt Romney and his campaign concerning the statements made on video regarding voters who support the president (and, by his logic, will never support him -- let alone take responsibility for themselves and their own lives) at that infamous Florida fundraising event. I would like to point to that clip and say simply, "What he said."

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    Is Rick Santorum really still talking? Even more surprising, are people really still listening? Apparently yes, but not the "elite smart people."

    At the Values Voters Summit, Rick Santorum spoke about the perceived chasm between intellectuals and the Republican Party -- one that he believes cannot be bridged and should therefore be embraced by GOP adherents. Instead, he advocated for a sort of political and social isolationism, withdrawing from culture and learning and turning inward toward church and family.

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