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I am a former classroom science teacher who lives near Seattle with my wonderful and highly-mess-tolerant husband, two awesome children, and two incredibly destructive cats. I started writing Fun at Home with Kids in February of 2013 and have since spent many a late night experimenting with new play recipes and sensory materials. To read more about my most recent late night discovery or to see more photos of my adorable kids, visit Fun at Home with Kids. Oh, and this November my third "baby" will be born -- 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids (Adams Media).

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    One of our favorite art activities is creating suncatchers to decorate our windows. If you don't have windows, this works just as well on a wall. Because the adhesive is already on the sticky contact paper, it makes for an easy mess-free way for even young toddlers to create. With summer nearing an end, we decided to make a "fall leaves" suncatcher to welcome the new season. 

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    Rice is a favorite material for sensory play at our house. Not only is it easy to set up and clean up, but a batch of colored rice also lasts for years. The bright colors are so inviting, and making your own colored rice in any colors you choose is such an easy process that even a toddler can help.

    Here's how to easily color rice for a beautiful rice sensory bin

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    At our house we do a lot of process art. Not only is it fun and different every time, but process art tends to be pretty quick to set up -- bonus. Process art is the term used to describe art that is created with no specific end result. Rather than making a craft that should look a certain way, a child makes whatever comes to mind. It's big hit with toddlers.

    Here's how to get started.

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