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I'm a writer, an editor, a lover, and a fighter. While I've written for a zillion online and off pubs, a heck of a lot to do with parenting; I'm also a brand new celiac disease victim lady and I tell you how it all is -- and how it should be -- at Gluten Is My Bitch.

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    Why Homework Is Bad for Your Kids

    posted by April Peveteaux December 10, 2012 at 4:30 PM in Big Kid
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    My first grader brings home homework four nights a week, and I hate it. It's not the homework itself, which is based in math and science. I'm thrilled she's learning complex calculations at such an early age. But why does she have to drill when the school day is over? When, in fact, the main reason she goes to a progressive school is the lack of testing and, one would assume, homework.

    I'll tell you why. We live in America, and the American parents stood up last year to demand homework for our 5- and 6-year-olds. It's just too bad that those who wanted to see a little cutie sitting at his tiny desk doing homework didn't realize that this logic is hurting our children academically instead of preparing the little tykes for lifelong success. And the homework glut is not doing much for getting everything done before bedtime, either. Homework has got to go.

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    As a mom to two spunky kids, I'm constantly videotaping their crazy antics. Occasionally I post adorable videos on YouTube, then post them on Facebook. Because I know everyone really wants to see a super cute 4-year-old belt out "My Favorite Things," right? Even if you're a bitter, child-hating, Facebook frenemy, you can just skip that video and search for more ironic posts or some food porn from your more sophisticated friends. No harm, no foul.

    But you know what other people really don't want to see on their social media? YOU EGGING ON YOUR DAUGHTER TO BEAT UP ANOTHER CHILD. No, really. It's totally true. Yet some poor excuses for parents did just that. Check out this horrible situation, then come back and let's talk.

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    Who's tired? If you raised your hand, or couldn't find the energy to raise your hand, you are not alone. Between work, kids, and the myriad of other obligations, we're all exhausted. Yet, our to-do list does not make allowances for the daily nap. It's time to kick start your energy reserves!

    Instead of pumping caffeine into your body, there are ways to feel alert and alive in a way that does not involve chemicals. Here are 8 ways you can boost your energy, naturally.

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    Last Christmas the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to a mother happened to Madonna Badger. This mother of three little girls lost all of them, as well as both of her own parents, in a house fire on December 25. I think all of us can relate to Badger's suicidal feelings -- and attempt -- over the past year, as well as her ex-husband's desire to harm Badger and her boyfriend, who was also in the house. I honestly don't think I could go on after suffering such a horrific tragedy. It's simply unthinkable.

    But Badger is starting to come out of the pain and find a small amount of peace a year later, as she told Matt Lauer on TODAY.  While getting far away from anything that reminds her of Christmas seems like a great idea, and working with children who have lost their families an even better one, the other thing that is keeping her going is somewhat shocking.

    Madonna Badger says she still sees her girls, and they talk to her.

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    Here comes the holiday gorge! For those of us who are either trying to be healthy or on a restrictive diet, this is the most challenging time of the year. Albeit wonderful, joyful, and fat-full. If you're on a gluten-free diet, you may think that means skipping the stuffing. But oh no, my fellow wheat-avoiding foodies. There are ways of indulging in all the goodies without all of those things that are bad for you. Many, many, delicious ways.

    Let's start with the most amazing stuffing you'll ever eat -- the gluten-free part is simply a bonus. While chorizo is basically the best sausage ever, I used an andouille to give mine a Cajun kick. Choose the sausage the love, and enjoy this original, super yum, gluten-free stuffing on Thanksgiving.

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