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I'm a former television reporter who has interviewed everyone from Hillary Clinton to Van Halen. Sometimes you can catch me on Flix screaming obscenities in the cinematic triumph Southie at 2:00 a.m. I transitioned to Mommy Dish blogger when my kids swallowed me whole. I escape their grips with bold coffee, inappropriate humor, overspending, guacamole, group texts with my college BFFs, and the '80s on 8. I Google too much and run too little. But I'm always up for an impromptu dance party in my living room.

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    Brad Pitt has managed to get even hotter, impossible as it seems. He's positively gushing about how being a father made him "the richest man in the world."

    Forget the French chateau and assorted mansions, the $300,000 motorcycles, the designer duds, the luxury cars ... it's Brad Pitt's kids with new wife Angelina Jolie that make his life beautiful.

    Is there anything hotter?

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    All hell breaks loose when you're dealing with sick kids and stuck inside of the house. They "don't feeeeeeel good" so they're extra whiny, clingy, and demanding. They spread germs with wild abandon ... sneezing, blowing their noses, and throwing their used tissues all over the couch. They forget everything you ever told them about covering their mouths when they cough. Oh, and this is a biggie: they don't always make it to the bathroom on time. Who hasn't dealt with an awful projectile scene at, say, 3 a.m.? Ugh.

    In the spirit of helping you cope, we've got eight sick kid hacks from moms who've seen it all ... and then some.

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    There's something about your child's hand that makes you melt. From the time he wraps it around your pinky finger as a baby to the way he clasps your hand as a child ... it's magic. When we live in those mom moments, we forget that little hand will eventually let go.

    We've compiled 9 amazing handprint crafts to do with kids that capture those snapshots in time (so you can hold on to your kid's hand forever).

    Would you get the grandparents involved with #9?

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    As any breastfeeding mom knows, breast milk is liquid gold. Some moms are taking that to heart and milking it for all it's worth. They're turning their breast milk into jewelry, key chains, soap, even teddy bears. While it might seem odd to some, for others, it's a beautiful way to commemorate their breastfeeding experience -- and maybe have a trinket to give their child when they're grown.

    Not to worry, if you're not a crafty mom, there are plenty of places you can ship your breast milk and they'll turn it into a treasure for you.

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    Gossip is swirling that Prince William and Kate Middleton have allegedly already decided on a royal baby name. And this is one time we hope the gossip is true. According to insiders, if Will and Kate have a girl, they plan to pay homage to a beloved family member ...

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