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I'm a former television reporter who has interviewed everyone from Hillary Clinton to Van Halen. Sometimes you can catch me on Flix screaming obscenities in the cinematic triumph Southie at 2:00 a.m. I transitioned to Mommy Dish blogger when my husband, bonus teenage daughter, and adorable toddler son swallowed me whole. I escape their grips with bold coffee, inappropriate humor, overspending, guacamole, group texts with my college BFFs, and the '80s on 8. I Google too much and run too little. But I'm always up for an impromptu dance party in my living room.

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Blood Orange Cosmopolitan. I like to pretend I still live in New York City.

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    My period has been stalking me on a Kim Kardashian level for the past year. I feel like I have been bleeding every other day ... Aunt Flo is like the period paparazzi ... and I am worried.

    Rightfully so, said Stephanie Bird, MD, Medical Director of Gynecology, Brigham & Women’s Fish Center for Women's Health in Brookline, Massachusetts. “It’s important for women to pay attention to their baseline because not all bleeding is a period. Any abnormal change that extends beyond one menstrual cycle is cause for concern.”

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    Ah, the new motherhood. It’s a period of constant overdrive. I can’t remember the last time I slept. Did I re-pack the diaper bag? Where’s the binky?! It’s okay to run out for coffee with a little spit up on my shirt, right? When will I look like I am not six months pregnant? (Okay, that one doesn’t apply to celeb moms who pretty much sneeze and they’re back in their skinny jeans). 

    In the midst of newborn chaos, after a nine-plus month reprieve, it’s easy to forget about one of the big questions: When will I get my period again? Then one day your partner gives you the look and finding out the answer suddenly climbs to the top 10 on your to-do list.

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    The 4th of July is all about freedom, and declaring your independence from cooking over a hot stove will actually make Uncle Sam smile! After all, it's a day off for (almost) everyone ... so take it! It is possible to enjoy a cocktail (or three) with your guests if you do some prep work and use your Crock-Pot.

    Here are seven delicious, make-ahead Crock-Pot recipes that your friends and family will savor on America's favorite holiday ... and, believe me, these easy dishes will be your savior come party time. You'll look like a put-together party hostess with the mostest. Now that's a July 4th celebration to look forward to!

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    I watched the pilot episode of ABC Family’s new drama Chasing Life tonight, and I am definitely going to catch it again. Yay for the newer trend of networks launching great shows during the summer! I am thrilled they no longer rely on regurgitated reruns just because it’s warm outside.

    The main character, April, is a typical 24-year-old carving out her place in the world. She’s a budding reporter trying to turn both her demanding boss’s and hot co-worker’s heads by landing an exclusive with a baseball player in the middle of a doping scandal. (Okay, that plotline is played out but this show is refreshing overall.) April is a girl after my own heart: she relies on sarcasm when she’s nervous and bats her eyelashes if the situation fits. She’s smart, witty, and determined to stand out ... just not as a statistic.

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    Derick Dillard officially wants more than “side-hugs” from Jill Duggar. Tonight, after agonizing whether the “bulge in his pocket” (minds out of the gutter ... I am talking about the ring box) would give him away, Derick Dillard put a sparkler on Jill Duggar’s finger on 19 Kids & Counting.

    Of course we know Jill said “yes” and the wedding date is set for June 21. Still, it was nice to rewind the relationship so we could view the proposal in true voyeuristic fashion, right? I would have felt slighted if I didn’t get to watch Derick sweat it out pre-proposal. Call me sensitive but it’s the truth. (Duggars, FYI, my date card is completely free this month.)

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