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I’m a native Chicagoan who has recently made the move to New York City (cue the classic Chicago vs. NYC debate here.) You can catch some of my work on,, and When I'm not writing, you can generally find me glued to MTV and TLC, enjoying only the finest of reality programming. I’m obsessed with all awards shows, prefer winter over summer, and own more scarves than any one person truly should.

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    This Sunday, September 21, thousands of participants will take to the streets of New York City to join in the People's Climate March. Heads of state are headed to the Big Apple to attend a summit on climate change. Meanwhile, the march is one of the biggest climate mobilization moments ever in history, and you can take part in it too.

    Whether you can make it to New York to take part in the big event or you'll be active from across the country, you can lend your voice and support to the cause. Better yet, you can get your children involved. Teach them about the importance of environmental awareness, climate change, and how to preserve our planet. Here's what you can do this weekend:

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    Ever since they first starred on 16 and Pregnant, Leah Calvert and Corey Simms have always seemed to get along. Even while they were going through their divorce, their daughters, Ali and Aleeah, always came first. When they introduced their respective new spouses into the mix, things were again totally fine. Their co-parenting skills were admirable. But all good things must come to an end, it seems, because Corey is fighting Leah for full custody of the twins.

    As we saw in last week's episode, Corey filed a petition with his lawyer to become the girls' primary parent, leaving Leah as the weekend parent. The two have also recently battled over Corey's child custody payments and medical rights over Ali. Basically, all is not well in the Calvert-Simms relationship.

    And from the latest Teen Mom 2 video, we can see that Leah is actually legitimately concerned that the court will allow for the custody switch. It's so much more devastating than we expected:

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    Over the past week, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been accused of abusing two of his sons. He was charged with beating his 4-year-old child with a switch and leaving another 4-year-old with a scarred head. While much of the drama has surrounded the NFL and the Vikings over their handling of the case, the news has also shined a light on the act itself. The star football player has essentially become the face of corporal punishment.

    Corporal punishment, and spanking in particular, has been a hot debate in the parenting community for generations. Those who practice it swear it works. Those who abstain strongly discredit its effectiveness. But what effects does it really have? We've looked to recent research and published studies to really determine how spanking impacts children.

    Take a look at these 12 scientific facts about corporal punishment and decide for yourself:

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    We're well into back to school season, and as your kids are starting to spend the majority of their day away from home, do you really know how safe they are in case of an emergency? Save the Children, an organization that focuses on child safety and wellness, recently came out with its annual Disaster Report Card that gauges how well each state is prepared to handle a disaster. The scary news? Nearly half the states in the nation are not prepared to protect our kids!

    From multi-hazard plans for schools to evacuation plans for special needs students and child care centers, and reunification plans to help children and parents rejoin after a disaster, the organization looked at each state to determine how well they've planned. At a time when 54 percent of families have been affected by some type of disaster, it's important to look at the findings. And sadly, they're not the best.

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    Last week, we saw Leah Calvert's and Corey Simms' otherwise peaceful co-parenting relationship crumble. For years, the two have been pillars in the Teen Mom 2 world, and even Kailyn Lowry once admitted that she'd love to co-parent like them. Well, now Corey has finally taken legal action against Leah and they're both done playing nice.

    That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Corey meets with his lawyer and voices concerns for his daughters. Turns out, he want to be the girls' primary parent and wants Leah as weekend parent, essentially flipping their roles.

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