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I have strung words together for Kiwi Magazine,, AOL, Parents Magazine and more. I live in upstate New York with my daughter, husband, dogs, and too many cats. I rock a cool 'do because I shave my head most years to fight children's cancer with the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Though my daughter is officially an elementary schooler, I'm pleased to report I've yet to give in to the curse of the appliqued mom sweater. Small victories, people.

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    Tiger moms. Helicopter moms. Free-range moms. Ever wonder where you fall on the range of parenting types? It turns out how your children are spending their summer vacations could be the key to figuring it all out.

    Whether they're holed up at camp or spacing out with video games, what you've got in store for the kids this summer says a whole lot about the kind of mom you are:

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    To have a daughter in America is to face the Girl Scouts sign-up sheet at least once. They're practically an American institution and one that's helped shape some 59 million American women to boot. But if you've been waffling on whether to let your daughter join the ranks of America's cutest cookie peddlers, this may change your mind: the Girl Scouts have partnered with Barbie.

    Yes, that Barbie. The doll that has given parents agita for years for the mixed messages her plastic body sends to our daughters now has pride of place on an I Can Be Anything badge from the group that claims to "build girls of courage, confidence, and character."

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    If you've got a summer baby, welcome to the club! There are more babies born in the summer in America than any other season.

    It's certainly not a bad time to give birth -- less fears of germs getting your baby sick and plenty of sunshiney days for backyard birthday parties when they're older. But what does having a baby in summertime mean for your child as they grow up?

    Turns out the season when you were born can have a real effect on everything from your health to your personality! Check out what the scientists have found out about summer babies:

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    There are certain things you can expect of your husband after you give birth. And then there's the request ... wait, scratch that ... demand Kim Zolciak had of husband Kroy Biermann right after giving birth to their twins. Kim decided she was going to suck down a placenta smoothie, and so was her husband.

    Zolciak gave birth way back in December, but her maternity ward antics just popped up on the premiere of Don't Be Tardy, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star's new reality show. Now, a woman who just spent nine months toting two babies around in her tummy deserves a few diva moments, but this was a little over-the-top.

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    Every mom has that moment when they realize something they thought was just part of parenting makes them different. For me, it's the car. I have a problem letting my daughter get into a moving vehicle with just about anyone, save for my husband and me. She's 9 years old, and I can count on one hand the number of people allowed to drive her to and fro.

    Until recently, I thought this was pretty normal. Who lets their kid get in a car with just anyone?

    A lot more parents than I realized.

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