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I have strung words together for Kiwi Magazine,, AOL, Parents Magazine and more. I live in upstate New York with my daughter, husband, dogs, and too many cats. I rock a cool 'do because I shave my head most years to fight children's cancer with the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Though my daughter is officially an elementary schooler, I'm pleased to report I've yet to give in to the curse of the appliqued mom sweater. Small victories, people.

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    The latest statistics show that one in 68 children in America has autism. But as the world shifts into gear for Autism Awareness Month -- or as some call it, Autism Acceptance Month -- we can't help but be reminded that despite the growing number of children being diagnosed with the spectrum disorder, the way these kids are treated is changing too.

    Parents may not know what "causes" autism, but more parents than ever have become vocal advocates for their children. And so it seems fitting that as we don blue clothing and plaster everything in sight with puzzle pieces, we also look at some quotes that celebrate the children and adults with what Autism Speaks terms the "fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S." as well as the parents who are at their side every step of the way.

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    A 3-year-old has died and his 6-year-old brother remains in serious condition in a hospital after police say their mother tried to drown them both in the family's bathtub. Laurel Schlemmer allegedly waited until her 7-year-old son left for school before getting her two younger children into the bath, then climbing in with them -- fully clothed -- and holding both boys under the water.

    The tragedy in Western Pennsylvania is already being compared to that of Andrea Yates, the Texas mom who drowned her five kids in the family tub back in 2001. And there are certain starling similarities. Like Yates, Schlemmer already seems to be prepping an insanity defense, telling police she heard "crazy voices" that told her to drown her sons.

    Too horrifying for words? There's more.

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    The fifth season of Teen Mom 2 finally caught up to Jenelle Evans' pregnancy, and now we know what was going through her mind when she decided to have baby number two despite not yet being divorced (or having custody of baby number one!). The reality star planned this pregnancy, purposely opting not to use birth control with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. She doesn't, however, seem to have really prepared for what it means to have a baby.

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    Glee has finally left Ohio behind, and the New Directions have taken New York. Well, some of the New Directions anyway. The first post-glee club breakdown episode aired tonight, and we got a look at who is staying on ... and who is coming back!

    That's right, Gleeks! Marley, Ryder, and the young kids may not have made the jump to the all-new Glee, but the writers have decided to bring back at least one of the old favorites in their stead.

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    I know I couldn't have been the only Gleek doing a happy dance when Kristin Chenoweth re-appeared on Glee last month. It's been a long, long time since we got to see boozy April Rhodes belt one out ... too long. April is one of the more colorful roles the triple-threat actress has tackled in her years floating from Broadway to film to TV, and now Chenoweth is taking on a slightly smaller but just as colorful role. Come April 11, she'll hit theaters as Gabi, a poisonous pink tree frog with some serious pipes in Rio 2.

    The movie is animated, but Chenoweth's high-pitched voice and comedic timing are the perfect antidote to the brooding of her on-screen love object, the evil bird Nigel (played by Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement), for whom she will do anything.

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