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I have strung words together for Kiwi Magazine,, AOL, Parents Magazine and more. I live in upstate New York with my daughter, husband, dogs, and too many cats. I rock a cool 'do because I shave my head most years to fight children's cancer with the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Though my daughter is officially an elementary schooler, I'm pleased to report I've yet to give in to the curse of the appliqued mom sweater. Small victories, people.

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    Know you have a baby girl on the way? Congratulations! Now it's time to pick a baby name, and you'd be smart to pick one with a good history. You can't do better than a saint name -- particularly one of the patron saints who can look over your little one as they grow.

    From Alexis to Zita, we've got you covered with 25 names for little girls inspired by saints. Each one is a patroness of something special.

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    Nothing says "I love you" quite like coming together to make a child, right? Yeah ... about that. Welcoming a baby into this world is a magical, mystical experience. That is up until the moment when you and your partner get into a rip-roarin' blow-out fight over one of the many (many, many, many ...) parenting issues you're suddenly facing.

    Sorry to burst your love bubble, but there's nothing like being head over heels for your baby to make two people with differing opinions really butt heads. But if you're pregnant, you're lucky -- you still have nine months to get all this squared away!

    Here they are ... the 30 arguments to have BEFORE it's time to bring that baby into the world:

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    When picking a baby name, there are plenty of things for parents to consider. Does it flow with the last name? Is it too weird? And, of course, who else had the name? Were they a good person?

    One way to solve the last one? Pick a saint's name! A popular practice with many Christians -- in fact, Catholic parents typically use the name of a canonized saint as either the first or middle name of their little one. Some priests even require it before they will baptize a baby.

    Looking for a saint name that will fit your baby boy? Here are 25 that just might fit the bill:

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    Teens and their cellphones are rarely parted these days. Some kids even sleep with their cellphones, but if your child is one them, take heed! A Texas teen woke up to the smell of something burning in her bed this week.

    Turns out the 13-year-old is one of those kids whose cellphone ends up under her pillow at night -- and the gadget caught on fire. She woke to a phone that had completely melted, glass, plastic, and all. Scary? There's more!

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    Today, in further proof that the world just doesn't get how babies are made (or maybe it just doesn't care), the gossip rags are atwitter with allegations that Eva Mendes "blindsided" boyfriend Ryan Gosling with her totally "unplanned" pregnancy. Note we said gossip rags, so grain of salt and all that jazz, folks. After we all join in a giant eye-roll, let's just hash this out.

    The allegations are that Eva has desperately been wanting a baby (because woman of a certain age, blah, blah), and the couple was near breaking up when, oh, what is this? A bun in the oven?

    Cue the tired old "baby hungry woman gets pregnant to trap man" blame game myth. Yes, it's a popular one, but it's a myth all the same.

    It can't happen.

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