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I'm a former newspaper journalist and blogger who used to travel extensively, but hasn't watched a decent in-flight safety demonstration since Obama took office. I've been interviewed on NPR and have harassed countless politicians, fashion designers, and ordinary folk who probably despise reporters now. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and toddler girl, where I've picked up and put down Infinite Jest at least 200,000 times. 

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    A chilling surveillance video has surfaced after an 18-year-old University of Virginia student went missing over the weekend that shows a man following her at a mall.

    The last text message Hannah Graham sent to a friend read, "I'm coming to a party ... but I'm lost," which was received at 1:20 a.m. A video shows she was at the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville about a half hour after she left an off-campus party -- and that a man can be seen glancing briefly over his shoulder as he walks down a street before stepping into a doorway and stopping. After Graham walks by the doorway a few minutes later, the same man is spotted stepping out and following her.

    In a second video, which was filmed two minutes later, the young girl is spotted walking with another woman while the man from the doorway trails behind them.

    Police were actually able to find and question the mystery man, but what he had to say only confused matters even more for police.

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    A mom in Ohio says she was so desperate to get her seventh-grade son into summer school that she offered up her diamond wedding ring when she couldn't afford the $400 tuition.

    Tamika Hamilton agreed to leave her ring, which of course has both monetary and sentimental value, with Maple Heights City Schools Superintendent Charles Keenan until she paid off the summer school amount in full. The suggestion to let them hold onto an item of value was Keenan's idea, but he insists he wasn't attempting to "run a pawn shop" and was simply trying to help out a parent in need.

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    Hurray -- it's finally over! The debate over whether Beyonce and Jay Z are divorcing can finally be put to bed because, folks, it looks like it isn't happening. In fact, the dynamic duo are SO together that they made it official -- again -- by renewing their vows last month in Corsica.

    In an effort to put all of the negativity and gossip behind them, Bey celebrated her 33rd birthday by forgiving, forgetting, and saying "I do" again in a beachside commitment ceremony.

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    When beloved comedian Joan Rivers died on September 4 after undergoing a routine throat procedure, we more or less kept mum about the clinic and doctor who performed the operation. An investigation was still pending and we didn't know enough about them.

    Few things could be more unsettling than this recent revelation: Joan's personal doctor, who performed the biopsy on her vocal cords and whom we assume she trusted, reportedly took a selfie with the star as she lay in bed under anesthesia.

    The medical professional, assuming he still deserves that title, has not been identified. Although he was Joan's personal ear-nose-throat specialist, he was reportedly not certified by Manhattan's Yorkville Endoscopy clinic -- something that is required by law.

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    A 5-month-old baby was taken off of life support this weekend after police say he was brutally beaten by his mother's 27-year-old boyfriend.

    Little Andres Bravo was brought to the hospital in horrific condition: he had brain injuries, a lung contusion, two black eyes, and bruises on his buttocks. It didn't take investigators long to figure out that the story mom Sascha Marie Garcia and boyfriend Antwan James Sawyer told them -- that Andres had fallen out of his crib -- didn't ring true. Sawyer, who was reportedly caring for the child at the time of the incident while the baby's mother allegedly worked her job as an exotic dancer, was first charged with aggravated child abuse until the charges were upgraded to attempted felony murder.

    If the allegations against him are true, Sawyer deserves the book thrown at him for killing an innocent infant. But his mother, despite her poor decisions in life, does not deserve the same fate.

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