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I'm a former newspaper journalist and blogger who used to travel extensively, but hasn't watched a decent in-flight safety demonstration since Obama took office. I've been interviewed on NPR and have harassed countless politicians, fashion designers, and ordinary folk who probably despise reporters now. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and toddler girl, where I've picked up and put down Infinite Jest at least 200,000 times. 

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    Whether you're a fan of Nicki Minaj or not, the woman is a well-regarded hip-hop talent who is wise enough to know damn well people are as obsessed with her butt as they are with her voice.

    So Nicki is doing what any successful artist does in this day and age and giving the public what they want, which is, yep, you've guessed right, more of her butt (and boobs and everything else).

    Her latest video for the song "Anaconda" has everybody talking for two major reasons: 1) The butt. Obviously. And, oh my goodness, the things she can do with her booty -- seriously, how? And 2) Nicki decided to cast Drake in her vid and take the opportunity to give him the lap dance of his young life.

    Warning: this video is NOT one you'll want to view at work or around your children or -- heaven forbid -- your own parents.

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    A Utah mom could spend as little as one year -- or as many as 15 -- behind bars for accidentally killing her 2-year-old son in January by filling his sippy cup with prescription Methadone instead of Gatorade.

    Jill Goff, 33, poured the pain reliever, which is often used to reduce withdrawal symptoms in people who are trying to kick drug addictions, into a sports drink bottle at her home and then says she forgot all about it. When she went to pour some Gatorade into little Aiden's cup a short time later, she took the liquid from the sports bottle, not realizing it was the narcotic. He had a terrible reaction to it, and she says she forced him to vomit.

    But what this mom did next was highly questionable.

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    A writer from the New York Post recently confessed that she loves summertime because it allows her to wear fewer articles of clothing, enjoy the hot sun -- and be victimized by a bunch of guys on the street who think nothing of catcalling, whistling, and calling her "sweet boobs."

    Okay, I made that last part up. But yes, the attractive writer did admit she enjoys "wolf whistles" because they send her "ego soaring." And maybe I need to be easy on her -- perhaps she's fearlessly stating something that is a fact for many straight women: we enjoy the attention of men. To her credit, she separates the "good" catcalls from the "bad:" it's one thing for a man to call a woman "beautiful," and quite another to call her out for having a "big rack."

    Only she's missing the point here. Catcalls aren't about US. They are only for the benefit of the men who shamelessly resort to using them.

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    So, your mom and in-laws have taken over your wedding planning and are threatening to turn it into a three-ring circus? Instead of cursing them beneath your breath and fighting them every step of the (chocolate waterfall) way, a new study suggests you should probably be grateful to them for turning your intimate affair into one filled with 300-plus guests whom you wouldn't know if you passed them on the street.

    According to a report from the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, couples who have a large, formal wedding are more likely to be happy together later on in life. The authors of the study tracked 418 couples for five years from the date they tied the knot. After half a decade, it was discovered those who threw big weddings perceived themselves to be "happy" and thought less about splitting up when times got tough. Are you ordering 100 more invitations and going for the lobster?

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    An Illinois mom who police say has been pretending that she and her son have cancer so that she can scam people out of money was arrested as she was reportedly boarding a plane to appear on the Dr. Phil show.

    Melissa D. Barton, 25, was nabbed at an airport in Springfield eight days after she was arrested on a felony charge of theft by deception. Police say she used two different names and took photos of herself in bed looking unwell so that she could coax strangers into making donations to her via various social media sites. She also reportedly stole money from people at her local church. And the worst part of this, assuming the accusations are true: she reportedly used her children to garner even more sympathy for her "cause."

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