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I'm a writer all over the web! I've contributed news, rants, funny lists and entertaining academic fakery at XOJane, The Hairpin, The Barnes and Noble Book Blog, and The Toast, to name but a few. When not writing for the internet, I spend my time writing plays and taunting my cat with bits of pretzel that I will ultimately not let him have. 

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    Jessica Alba was recently spotted on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards sporting a trend that we never expected to make such a grownup comeback. She was wearing a bright yellow circle skirt (perfect for this season and one we'd love to have in our own closets) paired with ... a white crop top. Some cursory googling proved what we had begun to suspect was true: crop-tops for grownup ladies are making a comeback.

    They've been back for a while, but only for the Urban Outfitters-wearing set. I don't know about you, but it wasn't until I spotted mom of two Alba wearing one and looking totally foxy AND still incredibly classy that I began to think maybe this isn't a trend exclusively wearable by youngsters and whippet-thin celebs.

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    Tamra Judge's custody battle with her ex Simon Barney has hit a new low courtesy of the last person you'd ever expect. She might be the star of a T.V. show, but the drama is definitely more epic in Tamra's personal life these days. She's been fighting awful allegations made by her former hubby in his bid to gain sole custody of their three children. But it isn't just Simon. Now Tamra's 15-year-old daughter Sidney is speaking up on Twitter.

    Simon says (lol) that Tamra neglects the children, forgetting to feed and bathe them when they stay with her (not lol). Tamra has struck back on social media about these claims, which she calls lies. She also struck back at Radar Online who broke the story, posting a picture of her family on vacation to her Facebook page with a snide message in the caption directed at the site.

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    Easter candy is delicious, but it can also be a pain -- literally. Canker sores, tiny but painful ulcers that appear on the gums and mouth, aren't always something we associate with what we eat. But it sounds like we should.

    There are two types of canker sores. The first, simple sores, are the ones we tend to associate with childhood. They are common during adolescence. No one is really sure what causes simple sores, but they are usually attributed to stress or a diet rich in acidic foods (like citrus fruits and candies heavily flavored with lemon, lime, or orange). 

    The second type of sore is called (shockingly) a complex canker sore. These are more commonly found in adults. They too can be caused by diet or stress. But in adults they can also indicate that something else isn't quite right in the body. Sometimes complex canker sores can be your body's way of telling you that you have an immune deficiency disorder or an allergy. 

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    Jennifer Lopez recently walked down the red carpet in a look that was equal parts glitzy and totally mom-tastic. You don't often pair the words "Jennifer Lopez" and "real life wearable fashion" in the same sentence. After all, this is the woman who let her business out to breathe for all the world to see in her infamous Versace gown.

    All that seems to be changing. JLo took a major fashion risk with this dress, but the result is surprising. The knee-length, high-necked dress fit her like a dream. It was tailored to her form without being too tight. Because she picked such a conservative cut, she could afford to go wild when it came to the print -- and wild is the way she went!

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    It's Passover once again (you can tell because I've been frantically searching for the afikoman 24/7). Traditionally, during this Jewish holy season, only unleavened bread can be eaten. That's right, bid bye-bye to all your floury treats -- smell ya later, cake! For lo, it's time to celebrate the Israelites' freedom from Egyptian slavery.

    It might be a solemn celebration, but that doesn't mean you need to deny yourself (or the loved ones gathered around the table) a proper and delicious feast. You've tasted the bitter herb, and now it's time for something scrumptious.

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