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I live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband and our sons Riley (8) and Dylan (6). Prior to 2010 I spent many years as a software marketer, these days I work from home as a freelance writer. I enjoy high-quality ballpoint pens, exercise-induced endorphins, dark TV dramas, and things that smell like coconut.

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    The diabolical folks at AMC are determined to keep teasing us with the very briefest of glimpses at the upcoming Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul. I can't wait to see a full-length trailer, but since that's not in the cards yet, I'll have to make do with this brand-new clip of Bob Odenkirk in action.

    The good news is that it doesn't take much Saul to convince me that I'm going to enjoy seeing this character's return to the small screen. The new 10-second teaser, called “Amen,” shows a younger Saul in a Judge Judy-style courtroom, and he does more with a single throat clear than most actors can do with an entire monologue.

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    After all the crazed speculation over who will star in the hugely-anticipated second season of True Detective, it looks like Colin Farrell has let the cat out of the bag. I really would have expected the series creator and HBO to make the announcement, but in an interview with Ireland’s Sunday World over the weekend, Farrell confirmed he's nabbed what must have been one of Hollywood's hottest casting opportunities.

    It's hard to imagine anyone filling Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson's shoes after they pretty much set our televisions on fire in season one, but I'm excited about seeing what Farrell can do. After a so-so early career, I think roles like his character in In Bruges show he can pull off the gritty, deeply weird True Detective vibe.

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    Breaking news from Hollyweird: Kate Hudson sees dead people. More specifically, she and her mother Goldie Hawn see dead people, only she refers to it as "feeling a spirit." One time Hudson saw the ghost of a woman without a face, which she described as "really creepy." But don't worry that Kate Hudson is being constantly plagued by terrifying energies from beyond the grave, she totally has a method for banishing any spirits who are getting a little too close for comfort.

    I ... can't believe I'm actually reporting on this, you guys. But what the heck, it's Friday and we could all use a little distraction, right? Maybe particularly when it comes in the form of a hilariously woo-woo celebrity.

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    I've heard school bus horror stories before -- and even experienced a minor issue firsthand with my kindergartener last year that nonetheless created a bunch of confusion and worry on our first day of school -- but this news out of South Carolina makes me want to hug my kids' driver and thank her for 1) being so consistently good-natured and patient even though I'm sure her job is a freaking nightmare sometimes, and 2) never once ditching a pukey kid on the side of the road.

    That's exactly what a driver did this week when one of her students complained of feeling sick. After an 11-year-old boy told her he was nauseous, the driver pulled over at the next unassigned stop, dropped him off ... and drove away. If a neighbor hadn't called the boy's mom, she wouldn't have even known where he was, or that he needed her help.

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    Bad news, everyone who greatly enjoyed Matthew McConaughey crooning "Ladies of Tampa" in Magic Mike. And also the parts of the movie when he wore a cowboy hat and a thong. And the part when he taught Alex Pettyfer's character to grind in front a mirror. And -- well, let me cut to the chase: sadly, it has been confirmed that McConaughey will not be returning to the Magic Mike franchise. I KNOW, right? Let us all bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for Dallas, the strip-club owner who gave us the fantastic line, "Fact is, the law says you cannot touch! But I think I see a lotta lawbreakers up in this house tonight ..."

    The only silver lining to this incredibly upsetting news comes in the form of a tweet about Magic Mike 2 from actor Joe Manganiello.

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