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I live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband and our sons Riley (8) and Dylan (6). Prior to 2010 I spent many years as a software marketer, these days I work from home as a freelance writer. I enjoy high-quality ballpoint pens, exercise-induced endorphins, dark TV dramas, and things that smell like coconut.

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    If you watched the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, you know we were left with some pretty big questions that won't be answered until the show comes back in October. Certain survivors were unaccounted for, while others were locked up at a mysterious place called Terminus. It's safe to say Rick and the gang's situation can be filed under "Not Good," but how bad are things really?

    Well, assuming the "spoiler chat" posted over at E! News really does contain actual spoilers, it sounds like the popular theory about Terminus is true. Which means very, VERY bad things are coming ... and maybe even a particularly gruesome storyline from the comics.

    Season 4 spoilers ahead! (And maybe season 5.)

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    Let me state for the record that I don't condone complaining about spoilers more than a day or so after an episode has aired. I know better than to surf social media on the night of a hotly anticipated season finale. Since my day job involves scanning through hundreds of entertainment news items, I've mastered an entire spoiler-avoiding routine where I click away the instant I see a potentially ruinous headline. But I got spoilered BIG TIME on Game of Thrones last night, and it was all your fault.

    Okay, maybe it wasn't your fault. But if you were one of the many, many people who apparently watches every Game of Thrones episode while clutching your smartphone so you can immediately tweet your reaction to anything momentous that happens onscreen, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    (I'm about to rant about spoilers while disclosing a spoiler. If you haven't seen last night's "The Lion and the Rose" GoT episode, save yourself! Stop reading now!)

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    On April 8th, actress Minnie Driver posted a photo of herself relaxing near a beach, along with this message: "Finally on holiday with my family. I'm going to make 4 days feel like a month." The next day, a series of paparazzi photos hit the web showing Driver wearing a two-piece bathing suit during her Miami vacation. Shortly after that, Driver took to Twitter again, this time to to vent her frustrations over being criticized for her bikini body.

    I've seen the reactions she's referring to, and I feel really bad for her. The awful comments about Minnie Driver's appearance weren't just hateful, they were completely unmerited.

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    Walking Dead fans, let's talk about Negan. If you've read the comics, you know exactly who Negan is: the worst bad guy of all time. Like, so bad he makes the Governor look like a candy-ass pile of quivering weaksauce. Negan's the guy behind one of the most horrific and gruesome comics scenes I've ever read, thanks to his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he calls "Lucille."

    Negan isn't just incredibly sadistic and evil, he also has the sort of potty mouth that could never make it to network television. Between his NC-17 violence and his language, it's almost impossible to imagine how Negan will show up on the small screen -- but creator Robert Kirkman has officially confirmed it. Barring the 1 percent chance plans go awry, we can definitely expect this memorable villain to join the cast at some point.

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    I'm a little torn on the current news about Amanda Bynes. On the one hand, Bynes seems to be happy and healthy these days and there's no real reason to keep dwelling on the issues that led her to be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. On the other hand, her lawyer and her mother are the ones bringing it up -- and they had to know people would talk about what they're saying.

    The official word on Bynes' mental health started with a statement from her lawyer, who shot down schizophrenia rumors on his client's behalf. Now Bynes' mom has further clarified the reason for her daughter's incredibly bizarre behavior last year -- and she's blaming it all on one drug

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