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I live in Eugene, Oregon with my husband and our sons Riley (8) and Dylan (6). Prior to 2010 I spent many years as a software marketer, these days I work from home as a freelance writer. I enjoy high-quality ballpoint pens, exercise-induced endorphins, dark TV dramas, and things that smell like coconut.

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    Imagine you're a onetime football player turned actor and you land a part on one of the hottest shows on television -- The Walking Dead, naturally. It also happens to be one of the most well-managed shows in terms of releasing information to its eager fans, and the cast has been well-schooled in the art of teasing. You, however, come barreling right out of the gate by tweeting two major spoilers.

    That's pretty much what happened to former UGA football player Chase Vasser, who seemed a little overcome with excitement when he learned he nailed the part. Luckily, he didn't give away anything TOO major with his Twitter faux pas, but I'm guessing he got a stern talking to from AMC about when and how to share behind-the-scenes Walking Dead details.

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    Whatever you've got penciled on your dance card for the first week of June, scratch that out and write in these five little words: ORANGE. IS. THE. NEW. BLACK. The first season 2 trailer has hit the web, and it is awesome.

    OITNB premieres Friday, June 6, and as with other original Netflix shows, all 13 episodes will be available on that date. Based on the trailer, this will definitely be a binge-worthy season, so I recommend you start planning your snacks and most comfortable couch-lolling positions. In the meantime, check out what we have to look forward to!

    (Season 1 spoilers ahead.)

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    Explaining holidays to kids can be a tricky business, particularly when you're trying to balance spiritual customs and childhood mythology. It's not always easy to help guide your children toward a meaningful holiday observance while also attempting to make sense of the fact that there's a guy in a giant creepy bunny suit at the mall and he wants little kids to sit on his lap, right?

    I found eight moms who admit they accidentally wrecked their kid's Easter, thanks to some good intentions -- and some very bad mishaps and misunderstandings. If you've ever created more holiday confusion than celebration for your own kids, take solace from these hilarious/cringe-worthy stories of Easter traditions gone wrong.

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    Have you seen the video of Kristen Bell losing her mind about sloths? You haven't? Listen, go watch it. Start at the 2-minute mark. No really, I'll wait. You have to -- just watch the damn thing, okay? Okay. Are you back? Yeah, that was worth it, wasn't it? So, I've got another video that's almost as entertaining, and oddly enough, it also happened courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it's centered around Bell's husband Dax Shepard.

    It turns out Shepard also has some very strong emotional feelings about something, but instead of sloths, his obsession is with ... Brad Pitt. Yes. I mean, who isn't obsessed with Brad Pitt, right? Shepard revealed that his man-crush resulted in a deeply awkward moment at the Oscars, but what was cringeworthy for him at the time is now comedy gold for us.

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    Last I'd heard anything about how the Fast & Furious franchise was going to incorporate Paul Walker's partially completed scenes in the most recent film installment, rumors were flying that the studio was planning to add "key footage" of the late actor via computer graphics.

    Personally, I thought that sounded a little sketchy, from the possibility of an uncanny-valley version of Walker digitally ghosting his way through the movie to the ethical murk of reproducing an actor's exact likeness after their death. However, yesterday an announcement was posted to the Fast & Furious Facebook page confirming how they're planning to complete the movie -- and their decision is surprisingly touching.

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