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I'm a mom to a rampaging toddler, a personal trainer, awesome wife, the author of the fitness blog Fine Fit Day, and an ex-pat Aussie living in Brooklyn. I love running, lifting weights, yoga, spin class, dancing with my son -- basically anything active. Keeping mamas (and mamas-to-be) fit and healthy is my favorite part of my job. And I practice what I preach - I'm currently training for my second marathon! Training will be easy with my personal training, working out, blogging, and being a mom ... right?? (gulp)

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    Exercise can easily turn into something you dread, a boring chore somewhere on your to-do list. But it doesn't have to! While it may be hard work at times, working out should be fun and something you enjoy doing. If you dread going to the gym because you know it's going to be boring, or your weight loss has stalled, or you’re looking for ways to distract yourself, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. 

    What’s going on? It could be as simple as being in a workout rut, which is easy enough to fix. Here are tips on getting out of the rut and making exercise fun again!

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    We nearly always focus on what we can teach our children. They're constantly learning from our examples, actions, and words, whether it's learning how to eat solid food or the difference between right and wrong. What we often don't realize is that our little ones have a lot of wisdom to share with us, too, sometimes in surprising ways.

    What does this have to do with working out? What could your kid teach you about fitness that you couldn't learn from a trainer or a fitness instructor? You may be surprised by the fitness truths your kids can teach you.

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    There are lots of excuses for not working out. Maybe you're busy with an important work project. You only have 15 minutes to spare, which couldn’t possibly be enough time for a worthwhile workout. Or it’s been so long since you exercised, you feel like getting fit again is too overwhelming to consider.

    These arguments against working out have nothing to do with time, motivation, or desire. People with these excuses aren’t lazy -- quite the opposite, in fact. They are some of the most dedicated, hard-working people you’ll meet. Something is holding them back, though, and until they realize where their justifications spring from, they may never make that first step.

    What’s the issue here? 

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    I love workouts where you only have to use one piece of equipment. If you try this medicine ball workout in a gym, it doesn't matter if the gym packed. All you need is enough space to lunge -- no stress about whether a machine is taken or moving from one spot to the next. If you do it at home, all you need is the space for a yoga mat, and a medicine ball.

    Ready to get sweaty? Here are 8 exercises you can do using only a medicine ball.

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    Are you totally at a loss as soon as you're faced with the weight training floor at the gym? If you're in the category of not even being able to fake-it-'til-you-make-it (because you're not even sure what you're supposed to be faking), you're in luck!

    From choosing your weights to trying new equipment, let's check out some of what you'll encounter on the gym floor so you can feel super-confident about beginning a strength training routine!

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